Ombre Watercolor Resist Art and Embossing Tutorial

February 7, 2014 in Cards and Paper Crafts, Valentine's Day by Lisa

How to Emboss (like a Boss) | Mabey She Made It | #embossing #technique #papercrafts #watercolorresist #stamping

Good morning! Are you ready for another Valentine’s day project that’s really easy and will have you combining two hot trends right now? You’re going to want to head over to Love, Pasta, and a Tool Belt to see how to create this fun watercolor print and be inspired by Emily’s other awesome ideas.Ombre Watercolor Resist Art | Mabey She Made It #ombre #watercolorresist #valentinesday

But before you go, you might want to brush up on your embossing technique if you haven’t done it in a while. You’re going to need it for this project.

To show you how, we’ll emboss the heart on this cute little card and then you’ll be ready for the Ombre Watercolor Resist.

Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping

To start embossing you’ll need:

Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping

  • Card stock
  • White craft ink
  • Stamp set
  • White or clear embossing powder
  • Heat tool or hair dryer

To start:

  1. Stamp your image in the craft ink on your card stock. Make sure the image is stamped cleanly to get a good embossed image.Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping
  2. Now while the ink is still wet, cover the image with your embossing powder. Go ahead and use lots so you’re positive your image is covered good. Then pour anything that doesn’t stick back into your container.Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping
  3. You may want to flick your card stock to get any stray powder around your image off–any flecks of powder still on your card stock will be permanent once you apply heat.Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping
  4. Now use your heat tool or a hair dryer on the LOW setting with high heat to heat the powder on your stamped image. As it heats up, the powder will melt and turn glossy. Can you see in this photo how half of the image is glossy and half is dull? Keep heating until all of it is glossy, but don’t scorch your paper.Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping
  5. Let it cool, and you’re ready to use your embossed image.

I used it to complete this cute love note with a couple other stamped images and some baker’s twine. Super simple, but still impressive because of the embossing.

Embossing Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #embossing #stamping

Now hurry on over to Love, Pasta, and a Tool Belt to put your new skill into action!