In fact, sewing swimsuits can be downright fun!

I made my first swimsuits last year. I was pretty intimidated before that, and just didn’t know if I wanted to mess with it. But swimsuit fabric is a siren, whose song lured me in and I figured it would be a learning experience. So I jumped in and ended up making four swimsuits and a pair of board shorts.

I was so excited about how they turned out. My kids had custom swimsuits that covered their entire bum cheeks (yay!), that they got to help design, and that really fit them well. So when this swimsuit sewing blog tour popped up this year, I knew I was on board. I even decided to stretch myself by sewing a swimsuit for…me. Gulp.

See that Citrus swim fabric? Total Siren. I couldn’t resist.

So What Changed?

What changed my mind about sewing swimsuits? Realizing it wasn’t really any different than sewing other knits, which I do ALL THE TIME. And again, the siren’s song (I totally get why Ulysses almost got caught on his odyssey now). And what better way to get acclimated then just going for it. So I did, and I’m so glad.

This year I used the Women’s Mairin pattern from Sew A Little Seam because I started with the girls version last year and loved the results. I also love that there are SO many options. I could use the same pattern year after year and not have the same suit twice.

Sewing up the Mairin

I chose the highest scoop neckline for the tankini front with the halter back and simple straps. I have four kids (the youngest is 2) and I hate feeling like I’m showing the world everything when I bend over to help with something. So cleavage coverage is a big deal for me.

I chose the mid-rise bikini bottoms with a mid leg opening. However, I couldn’t decide on whether to make citrus bottoms or coral gingham–so I hacked a reversible option so I don’t have to choose today.

However, the truth is that they’ll probably never see the light of day–I’m much more comfortable in a pair of board shorts, so I made a pair using the free Purl Soho shorts and altered them to have straight sides because I didn’t have enough of this coral binding to do the curved option (sad!). Then I paired it with the coral gingham, and sewed it up–it’s a super quick little pattern.

And now all I can think about is pink lemonade. And a hot summer day to enjoy both the drink and swimsuit in.

But mostly, I just love that I was able to create this custom suit that I’ll be COMFORTABLE in and will be fun to wear no matter which option I go with.

Want to see even more great suits using Raspberry Creek Fabrics? You’re in luck! Click any of the links below to see what the other seamstresses have dreamed up. There are also coupon codes for swimsuit patterns so check those out too!

But make sure you grab some pink lemonade first. ;)

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  1. Ya know…I would have never thought to pair the citrus with the gingham, but it’s GLORIOUS together!! Also love that focused on making a suit that was 100% comfortable to you. I love that about handmade. Feels like stores never have what I truly want, so it’s nice to be able to sew it up!

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