Mabey Manor Coral, Gray, and White Nursery Reveal

Mabey Manor: Nursery Reveal

  I’m so excited for the nursery reveal today as part of the Mabey Manor house tour. If you missed the girls’ room or the master bedroom reveals, go check them out! And there’s a lot more to come! And you can see the whole upstairs before photos here. The nursery is probably my favorite […] Read more…

Nursery Inspiration Mood Board | Mabey She Made It | #nursery #homedecor #coralnursery

Nursery Inspiration Mood Board

While I love to DIY most things, sometimes I just need to gather a little inspiration from other places. Like when I was starting to think about decorating the nursery/guest room in our house. It was an empty room, but I had several ideas I wanted to play with. So I started “shopping.” I chose […] Read more…

Cut It Out Review | Mabey She Made It | #frame #mayaangelou #birds

Nursery Framed Art

I’ve been working on the guest room/nursery recently, and I wanted to frame a quote to go above the bed (which we’ll switch to be the crib once Maya is in her own room). Since Maya is named after Maya Angelou, it only made sense to choose one of her bits of wisdom for our baby girl’s […] Read more…

Wallternatives Nursery Decor | Mabey She Made It | #vinyl #wallternatives #nursery

Wallternatives Nursery Decor

I love having a beautiful home, but I’m not naturally good at creating one. A lot of the time, it takes me way too long to create an atmosphere that I really like when it comes to decorating a room. But do you want to know one of my secrets? Vinyl. I love the stuff […] Read more…

Nesting to Newborns Series | Mabey She Made It #baby #newborn

Nesting to Newborns Wrap-up

Can you believe how quickly the last two weeks of the Nesting to Newborns series have gone? I’ve loved every minute of it! I feel so grateful to have been able to work with all of these amazing women from our giveaway sponsors, guest posters, and most of all Melanie! Since today’s the last day […] Read more…

Free printable Nursery Art by Lolly Jane | Mabey She Made It #nurseryart #nursery #nestingtonewborns #freeprintable

Children’s Art Prints by Lolly Jane

The girls (Kristi and Kelli) over at Lolly Jane are our next guests, and they are so stinkin’ cute! Not only do they share home decor, crafts, furniture revamps, and more, but they seem to have a little of anything you’d ever want. Like this tutorial to Chalkboard Any Surface in Any Color. ANY color, […] Read more…

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