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Hello Ollie Blog Tour. Dress by Mabey She Made It

Hello Ollie Blog Tour: Swans a Swimming

Clear back in April I got to work with and create a dress that was included in Bonnie Christine’s booth for Quilt Market, and I was elated. I love her designs, I love Art Gallery fabric, and I couldn’t have been more happy to work with both of them. I also got to be part […] Read more…

Flutterby Top Pattern and Tutorial at Mabey She Made It. A free sewing pattern for little girls.

FREE Flutterby Top Pattern & Tutorial

A few weeks ago I shared the pattern and tutorial for the super cute Tulip Leggings with you, and you probably spotted the cute little number on top. I’m calling it the Flutterby Top and I’m sharing a FREE 18-month pattern and tutorial for making the top today. Because you guys loved it! So I’ve teamed […] Read more…

Easy Circle Skirt by Mabey She Made It

Simple Circle Skirt Tutorial & Cheat Sheet

It’s so fun when you find a cute and amazing skirt that you can make in almost no time at all. A circle skirt is so much fun and there’s really not much to it! And once you make your first circle skirt you’ll wonder why you never made one before. This photo was taken last year, […] Read more…

Tulip Leggings + Free Pattern

Babies and toddlers look so adorable in tunics and leggings. You can see the little details of their chubby (or not so chubby) legs and it makes you just want to squish them. I wanted to create some cute little tulip leggings (and 18-month pattern) that are just a little different while still being cute and […] Read more…

Eleanor Dress/Top Pattern Review

Eleanor Dress Pattern Review

I’ve been in such a sewing rut lately–I think I overdid it at Christmas time and have had a hard time dragging myself to the machine. So in order to get myself going again I wanted a simple pattern that went together quickly and wouldn’t be fussy. (I’ve also been hemming yards of chiffon, so […] Read more…

The Georgia Twirl dress is a simple, cute style with full circle skirt for maximum twirl factor. Pattern review by Mabey She Made It

Georgia Twirl Dress

My Brynley girl has a birthday just a few days before Christmas. And we try to make it a big deal. We also have a tradition where I make a skirt or dress for the birthday girls, so I like to make Brynley’s really fun. This year, I knew I wanted to make her a […] Read more…

Free pattern for this adorable Origami Dress from Mabey She Made It

Origami Dress with Free Pattern

Sometimes I’m drawn to a pattern because of its versatility, and sometimes I’m drawn to a pattern for its intricacies. Today’s Origami Dress is one of those I love for its detail and uniqueness. I had this idea floating around, so I began trying to draft something beautiful. The only problem is that I’ve never drafted […] Read more…

I heart this! This would make a darling Christmas dress or really for any time of year. Charlotte Dress and Jacket pattern sewn by Mabey She Made it

Plaid Christmas Charlotte Dress and Giveaway!

If you’re like me, you start thinking about Christmas dresses about now…or maybe a couple of weeks ago if you’re not a procrastinator. Couple that with a girl who just keeps getting taller, and it was time to get sewing–a Charlotte Dress. I was invited to be part of the Merry ModKid blog tour, and […] Read more…

Make your kids' Christmas pajamas with this fun pattern. Sewn by Mabey She Made It.

Golden Slumbers Christmas Pajamas

Its the week after Thanksgiving–can you believe it? And after all the hustle of Black Friday I’m sure your attention is turned to the Christmas season. Mine certainly is. There are a lot of Christmas traditions out there, and one of the most widely-held is Christmas pajamas for everyone. My family is no exception. So […] Read more…

This dress is perfect! The Caroline Party Dress from Mouse House Creations sewn by Mabey She Made It

Caroline Party Dress

I’ve loved the look of the Mouse House Creations from Caroline Party Dress. It’s so simple and classic in its styling and provides a beautiful canvas for a casual or fancy dress. Its become tradition that I make a birthday dress or skirt for all my girls on their birthday. I was looking through my patterns […] Read more…

You won't find a cuter tunic than this one! I would dress my little girl in it every day if she'd let me. Maggie Mae tunic sewn by Mabey She Made It

Back to School with the Maggie Mae

As you probably know, we recently moved into a house after being in limbo for a month and a half (in which time my sewing machine was boxed), and we moved in one week before my Saige started Kindergarten. So amid unpacking, registering her for school, getting groceries in the house, and all the other […] Read more…

Pattern review for the Glass Onion Top from Shwin Designs. In two words: its perfect.

Glass Onion Top

Photos: Cliq Photography Sometimes I see a pattern and dream about it. I will be washing the dishes or folding laundry and I will be mentally picking just the right fabric and deciding which child the style fits best. The Glass Onion by Shwin Designs was one of those patterns for me. I’d daydream about it. I […] Read more…

Add a beautiful woven butterfly to any shirt or tunic with this tutorial. Perfect for a costume or for every day.

Make a Butterfly Top or Dress

You probably came after seeing the butterfly tunic on Pinterest and I’m so glad you’re interested in making your own. The great part is that its easier than you think and I’ll walk you through it. Through this post I’ll show you How to prepare the butterfly Tips for choosing a tunic (and the pattern […] Read more…

Draft your own sundress using something you already own with this Pompom Sundress Tutorial--part of the 30 Days of Sundresses series

How to Make a Pompom Sundress

  Hi, and welcome to Mabey She Made It if you’re coming for the (30) Days of Sundresses series from Melly Sews–I’m so glad you’re here! I’m also excited to show you how to make a pompom sundress that’s super easy and quick to sew. It’s perfect for running, skipping, and all those things you love […] Read more…

The Jukebox Dress with Rhythm version from the One Thimble e-zine sewn by Mabey She Made It

The Jukebox Dress

Have you heard of the One Thimble e-zine? It’s full of fun patterns, tips, and sewing goodness, and for Issue 7 I got to play along by sewing up a version of this super cute Jukebox dress which has both a woven and a knit version that you can mix and match! Today I’m talking about the Jukebox […] Read more…

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