Super cute Mermaid Maxi Skirt tutorial.

Mermaid Maxi Tutorial and Top: Coastline Blog Tour

  Since the name of the fabric line is Coastline, you’ve already got it in your head that these are fabrics you’d wear to the beach…unless you live in Colorado during a snow storm–then you stand in the snow. Trust me, I’d rather be walking on a beach, but I guess this will do. When […] Read more…

Pier 7 top and Perfect Petal skirt from the Women's Bundle Up pattern sale.

Pier 7 Top and Perfect Petal Skirt–Bundle Up Women

I always love being part of a blog tour–especially when it’s for a Bundle Up sale where there are so many fun patterns to choose from. And while I sewed up two today, there are several more I really want to make up. The patterns I tested were the Pier 7 Top from Terra’s Treasures […] Read more…

These circle skirts are so easy to make--literally one seam! Yes, you can do it.

Super Easy Circle Skirt

Kids Clothes Week is finally here, and while I’m slow showing you what I’ve been up to, I’ve been busy sewing. Since it’s spring, my girls have been wanting to go outside a lot more which I love. It has also reawakened their love of skirts, and I figured it was about time to make […] Read more…

Tutorial for a Lovely Lace Knit Pencil Skirt | Mabey She Made It | #sewing #pencilskirt #selfishsewing #stretchlace

Lovely Lace Pencil Skirt

Back in July (after Maya was born) I created a fun knit pencil skirt with stretch lace for The Ribbon Retreat blog, and I realized recently that I hadn’t shared it here yet. So while I’m working on some fun things to show you for Kids’ Clothes Week, here’s another fast, easy sewing project you’ll love. […] Read more…

11 Eye-Catching Sewing and DIY Projects | Mabey She Made It | #sewing #DIY

11 Eye-Catching Sewing and DIY Projects

You know you’re seeing eye-catching sewing and DIY projects when you’re in the midst of fall and your eyes are drawn to things that aren’t necessarily autumnal. I hope you find as much inspiration in these sewing and DIY projects as I did! Chalk Paint Mason Jars || Making it in the Mountains || So […] Read more…

Couture Lace Skirt Tutorial by Serger Pepper | Mabey She Made It | #lace #skirt #skirtutorial #sewingforkids #selfishsewing #linedskirt

Couture Lace Skirt Tutorial

I think you are all beginning to realize how much I enjoy good piece of clothing made from lace. It’s so elegant and girly! Well today’s guest post is Irene from Serger Pepper and she’s been bitten by the same lace-loving bug! Irene is a talented seamstress and has lots of great ideas to share–including this one […] Read more…

Easy Summer Skirt Tutorial by On the Cutting Floor | Mabey She Made It | #skirt #sewingforkids #summer

How to Make an Easy Summer Skirt for Girls

Are you ready for another darling skirt tutorial? Summer is the perfect time for skirts (I’m wearing one right now!) and girls are so fun to sew skirts for. This tutorial is brought to us by Daniela from On the Cutting Floor–so let’s let her take it away! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hello everyone, I am Daniela from […] Read more…

Colorblocked Tulip Wrap Skirt

I love it when I get to learn about and explore new blogs–especially when they have a different feel than mine. Today’s guest is no exception. Nienke from Pienkel has great style, and has done some really great projects–you need to go check her blog out (and take a peek at her three adorable kids)! She’s […] Read more…

Low-rise Jeans to Denim Skirt | Mabey She Made It | #sewing #refashion #jeanskirt

Low-rise Pants to Skirt Refashion

   Everyone has a denim skirt it seems, so when I finally had had it with a particular pair of jeans, I knew I needed to make myself one. They looked good on me, but the rise was just too low for me to be comfortable in. You know–the bend over and show the world more than […] Read more…

Ribbon Gathered Skirt | Mabey She Made It #sewing #sewingforkids #skirt #ribbon

Ribbon Gathered Skirt Tutorial

Are you ready to take your basic skirt to another level? There are so many things you can add to or change to make a basic skirt a little more interesting. I have used this fabric before for a skirt for myself, and I really like that it’s easy to care for and it doesn’t […] Read more…

Basic Skirt | Mabey She Made It #sewing #easyskirt #sewingforkids

Quick and Easy Basic Skirt Tutorial

When Saige was little, I found a style of pants I LOVED on her and I bought a whole size run from 18 months to 4T. I love how they fit, and we’ve gotten such good use out of them–they still look fabulous now that Brynley has worn the smaller sizes. But something has happened recently–Saige […] Read more…

Panelist Skirt: a Pants to Skirt Tutorial | Mabey She Made It #refashion #skirt #pencilskirt

The Panelist Skirt: A Pants to Skirt Refashion

Once upon a time, I had another blog where I mostly showed my family what I was up to. But one glorious day, I got to guest post on Tatertots & Jello for a skirt I made from a pair of trousers. This pants to skirt refashion was I thought I’d share that tutorial with […] Read more…

Make a Maxi Skirt from a Sheet | Mabey She Made It #upcycle #sewing #repurpose #maxiskirt #sheet

Make a Maxi Skirt from a Bed Sheet

I love it when I see something really inspiring, and everything comes together. A while ago, I came across a post by Mimi G. for a maxi skirt with a sash and I loved it. So I set out to find a pattern similar in shape to the one she created. What I came up with was […] Read more…

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