Use these Wooden Chalkboard blocks all year long--just change what they say for the upcoming holiday!

Seasonal Chalkboard Blocks

Here’s a fun idea I shared last year for seasonal chalkboard blocks that you can switch up for any reason. And aside from drying time, I think they probably took about 20 minutes to make. So read on, and get ready to use these blocks all year round! The idea of seasonal blocks isn’t a […] Read more…

How to make a vinyl Striped Wall | Mabey She Made It

Striped Walls the Easy Way

This post was originally over at the Expressions Vinyl Blog, but today I’m bringing it home with a few updated photos. If you look at most of the photos, you can see that we had finished the walls, but nothing else when I added the stripes. Maya hadn’t even been born yet. But adding the […] Read more…

Geometric Vinyl Sticker Wall Tutorial | Mabey She Made It

Vinyl Stickers for a Geometric Wall

There’s something so fun about creating a feature wall in a special place in your house. I’ve loved all the sloped ceilings in the upstairs rooms–part of the reason I fell in love with this fixer-upper in the first place–and am excited to share another fun idea for decorating those sloped ceilings. This time I’m […] Read more…

3-d Butterfly Wall | Mabey She Made It | #vinyl #butterflies #vellum #slopedceiling

3-D Butterfly Wall

So remember how I recently shared about shopping at Consumer Crafts? Well today I’m going to show you the 3-D Butterfly Wall I made with some of the supplies from from my order. It’s actually a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but just hadn’t gotten to it with the Fall rush. But […] Read more…

Succulent Centerpiece | Mabey She Made It #succulent #centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece

  A while back I shared a fun, quick project over at Love, Pasta, and a Tool Belt. I was in a panic because I had this post due, and I was out of energy and time–a bad combination when you’re 7 months pregnant. But I had recently painted this little succulent holder from it’s […] Read more…

Wallternatives Nursery Decor | Mabey She Made It | #vinyl #wallternatives #nursery

Wallternatives Nursery Decor

I love having a beautiful home, but I’m not naturally good at creating one. A lot of the time, it takes me way too long to create an atmosphere that I really like when it comes to decorating a room. But do you want to know one of my secrets? Vinyl. I love the stuff […] Read more…

Foxy Lady Pajamas and 43 Silhouette Projects | Mabey She Made It #silhouette #sewing #kidsclothes

Foxy Lady Pajamas & 43 Other Silhouette Projects

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Silhouette lately, and so have some of my blogging friends! Saige keeps growing taller, and there are several pairs of pajamas that just have to go to the “too small” bin, but before I retire them, I wanted to make her a replacement pair. So the […] Read more…

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