Watercolor on fabric with these tips and tricks using Color Me Fabric. Plus get the tutorial for this boxy zipper pouch.

How to Watercolor Fabric: Color Me Fabric

When I saw the newest fabrics from the Color Me fabric line designed by Hayley Crouse from Welcome to the Mouse House, I fell in love. I was so excited about the black backgrounds (new to this line) and the gorgeous flowers that mimic the adult coloring trend. So when she sent me some, I […] Read more…

Download this free watercolor printable from Mabey She Made It

Free Lemon Watercolor Printable

I’m back with another watercolor printable! This time I painted up a citrus delight that will have you puckering with happiness. Yes, I pucker in happiness when I eat lemons. This watercolor was originally over at Capturing Joy for Kristen’s Summer Series, and it was so fun to paint for my kitchen (even though it […] Read more…

Download this free printable earth watercolor for a beautiful display. There are also other versions with quotes

Watercolor Earth Printables

A while ago I posted about the Relief Society birthday celebration I helped put on, and I had some wonderful responses to the watercolor Earth I used. So today I’m sharing four versions–a simple plain version and three with quotes for you to download and print for personal use. I never get tired of the fresh […] Read more…

Oh how I love this! This vintage dress watercolor printable makes me want a dress just like it.

Vintage Dress Watercolor Printable

Today I’m excited to be part of Polka Dot Week at R&R Workshop. Each day this week a couple of bloggers will be posting their polka dot-inspired projects because polka dots are so cute they really should be celebrated. My first thought was to make something from some cute polka dot fabric I have, but […] Read more…

These watercolor printable gift card holders are perfect for teacher appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Printable Gift Card Holder

The end of the school year is coming up quickly (yikes!) and if you’re anything like me, it will probably sneak up on you and have you scrambling at the last minute for teacher gifts. But that doesn’t mean they have to be generic. After asking a few teacher friends, I’m confident in saying that […] Read more…

I love these Worldwide Sisterhood printables used for the Relief Society Birthday celebration.

Worldwide Sisterhood Relief Society Birthday Celebration

It’s been several weeks now since I was in charge of our Relief Society birthday celebration, and a week or so ago I asked if anyone one would be interested in seeing what I did. The response was in the affirmative, so I’m excited to share with you today. If you’re wondering what Relief Society is, […] Read more…

St. Patricks Day Printable Watercolor | Mabey She Made It

FREE Watercolor St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Last fall I turned a watercolor I painted into a free printable, and you really seemed to enjoy it. So a few weeks ago when I was creating a post for Made From Pinterest, I wanted to do another one that wasn’t quite so involved but just as fun. And today I get to share it with […] Read more…

Free Pumpkin Watercolor Printable | Mabey She Made It | #pumpkin #falldecor #watercolor

Pumpkin Watercolor Printable

Last year I was having a great time watercoloring and painted these pumpkins for fall. I love the colors, the composition, and the mood of it. You can read more about it and why I made my Pumpkin Watercolor in this post, but I had to reshare the photos because I love it so much. I seriously […] Read more…

15 minute Secret Watercolor Messages | Mabey She Made It | #kidscrafts #watercolor #watercolorresist

Top Secret Watercolor Messages

When I was a kid I loved the idea of secret notes, disappearing ink, and sharing them with friends. There was just something so cool about being able to have a message appear out of nowhere! I also loved watercoloring and seeing how the colors blended together. My girls have been doing a lot of watercoloring […] Read more…

April Showers Watercolor Decor | Mabey She Made It #ombre #watercolor #spring #aprilshowers

April Showers Specimen Art + Free Cut File

You know the saying–“April showers bring May flowers.” And now that it’s April, it’s time to welcome the rain and hopefully bring on lots of beautiful blooms! A lot of you have probably seen this decor available at Target –I know it’s been popular. I love how fresh it is and the ombre look. As […] Read more…

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