cutest. dress. ever. And it came from a pair of pants! This refashion tutorial shows you how to create the Pinstripe Dress from a pair of trousers. You'll love the details.Affiliate or Sponsored

So last week was a sew-along for Project Run & Play, and I really wanted to participate. The theme was creating something out of upcycled pieces or hand-me-downs. I’d had this idea for days, but other obligations won out and I was down to the last minute. And while I technically did get the refashioned Pinstripe Dress made in time, I didn’t get it uploaded before the party closed. So sad. But at least I have an amazing dress to share with you (that Saige actually needed) and some fun photos (although none of the process because I was on a tight deadline).

In creating the refashioned Pinstripe Dress, I started with this pair of work pants from several years ago. I’ve always loved the fabric, but they were too big and I had nowhere to wear them even if they did. So I was excited to turn them into something wearable and super cute.




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26 Comments on Refashioned Pinstripe Dress

  1. How cute !!! Thanks for sharing .. May have to do something like that for my granddaughter … Have a great rest of your day !

  2. Lisa this is just so dang cute! I love it! I love to up cycle old clothes into kids clothes like this. I’ve made several baby dresses from old skirts. Thanks for sharing, and she looks adorable in it!

  3. We are getting ready to move and I came across 3 space bags full of clothes for my husband & I. It actually popped into my head, because of project run & play, that maybe some of it might be useful for upcycling! So far I have only made one dress from one of my husband’s never worn shirts for my daughter, but I have plans for more. Your posts, truly have been inspirations to me! When I was taking apart a pair of his old pants, I cut around the zipper to save for later because of your recent post on upcycling (I plan to pick it out later when I have more time).

    I also just want to say how adorable this dress is! It have given me an idea on how to use my husband’s old favorite lime shirt to make something really special for our daughter. Thank you, I truly mean that!

    • Aww, what a lovely comment, Shanna. I’m so glad to have inspired you with this post. I hope that your bags of clothing turn into something meaningful and beautiful!

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