Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

Sloped ceilings ooze with character and charm, but designing a sloped ceiling bedroom you love with sloped ceilings can be a challenge. Let these collected sloped ceiling bedroom design ideas guide and inspire you as you design your own rooms.

My Sloped Ceiling Inspiration

One of the things I love about Mabey Manor is all the character in the upstairs. All three bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs have sloped ceilings, which I adore. I love that the attic space is utilized and that there are so many amazing spaces, nooks, and angles to celebrate in the spaces. Slanted walls and slanted ceilings often pose a stumbling block when decorating so I started pulling some ideas together to help me decide how to decorate my slanted ceilings.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram (you should–I’m @mabeyshemadeit), you’ll know that we’ve undergone a major renovation upstairs and we’re about to the point where we can move back in (we’ve been living/sleeping downstairs) and decorate. And I’m so stinkin’ excited. Carpet goes into the bedrooms next week, and I can’t wait!

So today, I’m sharing some sloped ceiling bedroom design ideas (because I have many) and I found so many great ways to decorate and accentuate those sloped ceilings.

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Faux Canopy

This Turquoise Teen Girl Room is so fun due to the faux canopy created by using of netting and lights on the sloped ceiling. This is so cute, and I can see my girls loving something like this–it’s like a dream come true for a young girl!

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

2. Contrast Ceiling Color

I think color is an amazing asset when you have sloped ceilings. Choosing the right colors–especially in a Small Bedroom  can really make or break the space. I love the happy green in this photo and the bed placement–especially for a room for two, this idea is really fun for giving lots of character to a single wall. And the slanted ceiling almost creates a virtual headboard for the beds.


3. Creative Shelving

I love how many sloped ceilings lend themselves to shelves and storage in interesting ways–like this one from lipidala. Even though the shelves are on the flat wall, they accentuate the slope and can utilize space that might otherwise go to waste. You only get this effect with slanted ceilings!


4. Stripe those walls.

Striped walls are so fun, and striping up to the slant will accentuate the change. By adding stripes (the easy way) the slant really stands out and makes for a bold statement.

How to make a vinyl Striped Wall | Mabey She Made It

5. Creative Coatrack.

This playroom from is fabulous! I love the use of the twisted branch that plays up the slope and creates a really interesting statement that’s also usable as a coat rack. It’s just suspended from the ceiling, and really pops. Plus everything else is cute too.

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

6. Sectioned Rooms

This link for Rooms with Sloped Ceilings is a wealth of fun ideas to check out. What I love here is the bed placement and the under-bed storage that gives kids functionality and space to play. And the slanted walls provide a fun divider between two beds. You get a bunk-bed feeling plus all that beautifully simple storage.

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

7. Bathroom Vanity

We also have a bathroom with sloped ceilings–and although that space is another project entirely, I couldn’t help but include this photo from Decor Pad because I love how simple and elegant the room is. You hardly notice that there’s a sloped wall at all until you look closer and see that even the mirror is cut to show off the slope. The slanted ceiling doesn’t impede the design, it elevates it. Just make sure that the sink is away from the slope (as seen here) and the counter space or decor is toward the lower point of the slope.


8. Multi-plane Mural

A simple way to play up your slope is to put up a mural extending to the ceiling. I love how this idea adds interest without costing much and being easy to accomplish. The slanted ceiling gives the tree life as it converges onto several different planes.


9. Cohesive Colors

Paint the ceiling (and wall) a different color like this beautiful room via Country Living. I love how the color essentially wraps around and gives you a warm feeling almost like a visual hug. The darker walls just pop at the ends of the room, giving it depth and warmth that i love. And then you don’t have to decide which angles are “ceiling” and which are “wall.”

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

10. Vinyl Names

Since one of the rooms in our house is going to be a nursery, how about putting your child’s name (in vinyl or paint) on the ceiling? It’s fun, takes the place of a wall hanging, and is definitely a talking point. Plus, it’s a great way to decorate that slanted wall since you don’t want to hang anything above the crib that could fall. And while this example has a mobile, whatever you put on the sloped wall almost acts as a mobile visually.


11. Shower Details

Slanted ceilings shouldn’t stop you from placing a shower where you want it either. This sloped ceiling was plenty high enough to comfortably shower and provide a beautiful detail at the same time.

Mabey Manor Upstairs Bathroom Reveal

12. Shelf Time

And what about simpler decorating options? Here’s a single shelf that accentuates the angles of the room, and I love the simplicity. The shorter end table and lamp follow the slanted wall up to the shelf then to the ceiling.


13. Bold Ceiling Design

Then there’s something a little more bold–ceiling stripes! You can’t miss the angles and slopes with these fun stripes and they definitely make you want to look up! They’ve extended the stripes up the slanted wall and onto the ceiling for a bold look.


14. Sloped Ceiling Design Idea

Use the sloped ceiling to create an accent wall like we did in our Master Bedroom with vinyl or stencils. You don’t have to do the whole space, just the slanted wall portion. Bonus? It’s fun to look at while laying in bed.

Geometric Vinyl Sticker Wall Tutorial | Mabey She Made It

15. Built-in Dresser

If your space is smaller, this idea for a Built-in Dresser is amazing. It utilizes the dead space behind the wall and you have storage without taking up an ounce of floor space. Brilliant.

photo 4

16. Shiplap Sloped Ceiling

And then there’s the planked (and painted) ceiling. Planking is so much fun, but add a pop of color to just the slope, and you’ve got some amazing design options. Add in a few beams for contrast, and wow. What a space! (No, I don’t have sloped ceilings in my kitchen, but I loved this too much not to share.) 🙂

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

17. Bathroom Storage

And what about in the bathroom? Make those slanted ceilings work for you by building storage underneath and using the tops as a place for display. This doesn’t have to be limited to bathrooms either. Build dressers or bookshelves in the bedroom and have a display shelf on top.

Mabey Manor Upstairs Bathroom Reveal

So which of these sloped ceiling bedroom design ideas is your favorite? What would you do with sloped ceilings?

Updated May 2019 with more sloped ceiling bedroom design ideas.

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Cheryl at Snaps of Ginger

I love these ideas! I needed this for the house I grew up in.


8 years ago

This is such a great roundup! I live in a cape and our slanted ceilings upstairs always stump me for decorating. Definitely will be pinning this. 🙂 I’d love for you to link this up at the DIY Inspired party tonight at my blog. 🙂 XO

Emma T
8 years ago

Love most of these ideas, especially the greens. e have a few sloping areas in the main bedroom. At the moment the house is largely ‘undecorated’, so we really should get some ideas – I might use some of these to boost my OH.#SITs

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

These are cute! Makes me wish we had a sloped ceiling somewhere 🙂

Audra @ Renewed Projects

What a great roundup of ideas! Our master has a sloped ceiling covered in yucky popcorn. Once that’s gone (which is such a big task!!!) I’d love to try some of these ideas. Especially that branch idea, it would look great with our shutter headboard. Pinning!

Andrea Ostendorf
8 years ago

Some great ideas here. I grew up in a bedroom with sloped ceilings on both sides. Hated it!

8 years ago

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Ashey @ 3 Little Greenwoods

Great tips for any space! Love all the color! Thanks so much for partying with us at Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party!

~ Ashley

8 years ago

Might I ask what paint color the first picture is? I would love to do my daughters room in that exact color, for we also have sloped ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms 🙂
Thank you

Sofia Fisher
Sofia Fisher
8 years ago

These wonderful compilation just opened a floodgate of ideas. Thanks for sharing. Instant One Media

8 years ago

Your all ideas was so cool and looking awesome. All the color and design are going each other amazingly. Thanks for sharing this. After looking your post I have know what I will do with my daughter rooms.

kristen f. davis
8 years ago

hi! that tree on the slanted wall was actually a mural that i painted, not a decal. also, it would be great if you gave the original sources that these images came from.

Gloria Miranda
7 years ago

I really loved the turquoise teen girl room style for my daughters room. I’m sure they’ll also love it. Thanks for the tip!

Julieane Hernandez
7 years ago

Wow! I can’t choose one, all of these ideas are awesome! I’m planning for the renovation of our ceiling. Love all these inspirations.

Linda Helmer
Linda Helmer
7 years ago

Hi…I found your ideas interesting, since I have 3 rooms with slanted ceilings! I went to school with a Gloria and a Lydia Maybe….They were twins, the second set of twins in that grade, believe it or not. Would you be related somehow? Thanks for an interesting read….

Bound for Style
6 years ago

Awesome! Everything is beautiful. I can’t choose just one. These are all lovely.

Megan Kessler
Megan Kessler
6 years ago

You might just be my only hope! We are in the process of buying a 3 story A frame home and I am is a decorating dilemma! The are very few helpful ideas out there. Most are rustic with lofts. Mine is more of a 70’s vibe with a wooden spiral staircase in the middle. Any suggestions would be awesome!

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4 years ago

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2 years ago

If you’ve been following along on Instagram (you should–I’m @mabeyshemadeit), you’ll know that we’ve undergone a major renovation upstairs and we’re about to the point where we can move back in (we’ve been living/sleeping downstairs) and decorate. And I’m so stinkin’ excited. Carpet goes into the bedrooms next week, and I can’t wait!

Mickie Haney
Mickie Haney
1 year ago

In picture 4 about striping a room. What shade of gray is that? I have been looking for that color!!