Month: February 2014

Mabey Manor House Tour | Mabey She Made It #homedecor #mabeymanor

Mabey Manor House Tour: Entry and Living Room

Welcome to Mabey Manor, our 1910 home that we bought to renovate! Throughout the tour, I’ll show you shots from the day we moved in as well as point out the things that need to be redone and the features we love. And, this is your chance to play designer! I’d love your input and […] Read more…

Valentine Heart Pillow | Mabey She Made It #valentine #hearts #pillow #homedecor

Valentine Heart Pillow at While He Was Napping

Good morning! Today I’m over at While He Was Napping sharing a fabulous Valentine Heart Pillow tutorial. You know you want to go check it out…I mean look at the neutral pillow and those shimmery hearts! I might be loving it a little too much… 🙂 Read more…

Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers sewn by Mabey She Made It | #pajamas #kidsclothes

Shortie Pajamas

Sometimes you run across a pattern that you just love for the cuteness factor–the Shortie pajamas are that for me. The Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers pattern is a first for Chelsea at Get Your Crap Together, and she’s done a fabulous job designing this pajama set. And the best part is that she’s releasing the […] Read more…

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