Month: December 2015

Sewing your own jeans is pretty easy with the Birkin Flares.

Sewing Jeans: Birkin Flares Pattern Review

If you’re anything like me, sewing jeans has¬†always seemed so daunting–so out of reach for me personally. I think it had something to do with big bulky denim seams and the fear of my machine not being able to handle it. So I never tried. And then I started seeing handmade jeans pop up with […] Read more…

Beginning Sewist Gift Guide

If you are just beginning to sew or are interested for the first time, you might wonder where to begin. And how do you help someone know what you’d like if you’re a beginning sewist? Start here! I’ve pulled together some of the things that will help you get started and be a nice gift […] Read more…

I heart this! This would make a darling Christmas dress or really for any time of year. Charlotte Dress and Jacket pattern sewn by Mabey She Made it

Plaid Christmas Charlotte Dress

If you’re like me, you start thinking about Christmas dresses about now…or maybe a couple of weeks ago if you’re not a procrastinator. Couple that with a girl who just keeps getting taller, and it was time to get sewing–a Charlotte Dress. I was invited to be part of the Merry ModKid blog tour, and […] Read more…

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