Today I’m here to introduce you to Evi, the girl behind Eyeliner & Erasers a fun blog about beauty, style, and even a few crafts. Evi is an adjunct English professor as well as a blogger and is an Idaho blogger like myself. She’s cute, smart, and talented, and she’s here to share a super simple gift idea!


 photo CoverPhoto-5MinTeaTowel_zpsddceddc6.jpg

Every now and then I find myself needing a quick little gift. I love baking goodies for my friends and sometimes give the goodies wrapped up in a tea towel and some good ol’ baker’s twine. I thought it was a bit boring to give a plain white towel and then one day it dawned on me–years before I had used q-tips to hand stamp polka dots onto a white towel using fabric paint. It is a child’s craft, but provides a quick gift and an extra little something for little gifts. Heck, this craft is so cute it can stand alone. The steps are so easy that really anyone can get in on this craft.

1. Collect your supplies:

2. Shake the bottle of fabric paint and get some of the paint in the cap.

3. Dip the q-tip into the cap getting just enough paint on it.

4. Stamp away on the tea towel.

5. Let it dry. As long as you didn’t soak through the towel, it should not take long to dry. I usually aim a fan onto my towels and that dries them up pretty quickly;

6. Enjoy the finished product! Told you it was easy. 🙂

If you want a visual guide check out below!

 photo 5MinTeaTowel_zps332ca088.jpg

Make sure to follow Eyeliner & Erasers on Facebook and hope to see y’all around!

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8 years ago

Love the helper ! Such a cute idea that I can do with my granddaughters .. Thank you !!

Hope all is good with you and your family !