I’m Lisa Mabey (hence the reason Mabey is spelled a little differently in the site name)! I love to create; there’s nothing quite like it. My husband can always tell when I’ve had some time to myself to create because I’m happier and calmer. And I’m probably holding up something for him to admire–he humors me.

Lisa Mabey | Mabey She Made It

Once people get to know me, they often ask if I made something I’m wearing or something in my home. I love being able to say that I did, but I’m also thrilled when they think I’ve made something awesome I purchased. A girl can aspire to be super cool, right?

And the best part about creating and making things is that you are always improving and learning. Come along as I make things and mistakes and friends (you!).

A Little More About Me

I am a wife (to Chad) and mother (to Saige, Brynley, and Maya), and I love my family dearly. You’ll hear a lot about them through the course of this blog because they’re just part of me.

Mabey Family | Mabey She Made It #lisamabey #lisamaybe

Photo by Angelica Hagman

One of the greatest things I learned while growing up was to know what “home” felt like. That may sound strange, but it’s played an important part in my life. I knew I wanted to marry my husband in part because he felt like home. When I did a study abroad in England, I stepped off the plane and immediately felt at home, even though I didn’t know a soul. Creating feels the same way. I’m at home when an idea translates into something beautiful or functional.

After Saige was born, I quit my job, and was able to teach myself to sew. It’s been fun to go from learning to thread the machine to creating some of my own ideas for the girls to wear. I’ve also spent time making home decor, since we have moved several times in the last year and a half for Chad’s work and each house needs something different. I’m learning so much along the way.

I studied English and then Multimedia Marketing Communications in college, and then worked as a writer/editor for a creative company in Utah. It was such a good experience in learning to manage projects, write for print and the web, and be part of the creative process from concept to publication. I know I use those skills and experiences every day as a blogger and I’m grateful that I get to use them while staying at home. I started Mabey She Made it in June 2013.

So why blog? I wanted to be clear about why I create (for myself) so the first post ever was titled Why I Create. I loved that I was able to write about creativity, so its now a permanent page and serves as a reminder to me that even when things get hard, I have sewing, crafting, and decorating to lean on.

Here are a few words I’d use to describe myself:

About Me | Mabey She Made It #aboutme #birthday

Now What?

The best ways to connect with me are through the comments on my blog posts; I do my best to respond to each and every one. You can reach me by email at lisa@mabeyshemadeit.com or follow along with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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19 Comments on About Me

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  2. Hi Lisa,
    Just wanted you to know I receive your wkly posts and SO much look forward to them. Sometimes it hits me, sometimes it doesn’t, but knowing that you keep on keeping on is refreshing to me, by itself. I commend you and wanted to let you know that. Keep it up young lady!

    • Hi Tracy, you totally made my day. Thank you so much for your kind words, for understanding that we all have things are “our” taste while others aren’t, and for sticking with me. Your kindness is touching. Thank you.

  3. Glad to see you are always learning new things in life – after all life is full of lessons to be learned, and we ar never too old. I too am a new blogger and decided to take it up now that the kids are older and I have more spare time. Thank God for that because I need all the spare time, what with trying to figure out how to work my blog posts..lol Also ama thrifter, crafter and Downton Abbey lover!! Always happy to drop in!

    • Welcome to the blogging world! And I’m always glad to find others who share my same interests. Thanks for coming to Mabey She Made It, and I hope you stick around!

  4. Hi Lisa: I have been trying to download your free printable of the beautiful watercolor lemons but without success. What am I doing incorrectly? Thank you for any help and direction you can give me.

  5. Ved en tilfeldighet kom jeg til din side og det er jeg glad for, ser ut som du lager masse spennende ting og det vil jeg også, så ser at du kan gi meg masse inspirasjon.

    Masse hilsner fra Gerd i Norge

  6. hi, I saw something on pinterest, that led me to your blog, I have signed up for your mailing list, and added your blog to my favorites, I sew as much as possible, everyday if possible, so I will be back to see what is on, both old and coming in the future, merry christmas

  7. Lisa, I am amazed that you are able to teach your yourself to sew. I am retired now and have been sewing for many years and was lucky to have a grandmother and mother that encouraged my interest. Over the years I have added to my knowledge and am still adding and loving it.
    Now I encourage new sewers and share the knowledge I have. If I can support the love of creation in this field, then I am doing something good.
    Good luck to you. There is always something to learn out there.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Sewing has been such a wonderful part of my adult life and I can’t imagine not doing it now. Starting out was crazy, but I figured every mistake was a learning opportunity. My grandma was a wonderful seamstress but I didn’t learn from her, which I wish I would have. My mom sews too, but again, I didn’t have the desire when I was younger so I had to learn it the hard way. :) I love that you encourage and share your sewing knowledge. We all have so much to share, and I love learning from those who have been sewing for many years.

      Thank you again,


  8. Hi Lisa, I love getting your weekly email! I have two granddaughters that are similar in age to your girls, so the patterns you show are just what I need. I really like the fabric you use. In my town we only have Joann Fabrics and Walmart. Many of the things I make are of 100% cotton. Problem with that is the wrinkling results after laundering and my daughter doesn’t have the time to iron. What fabrics do you use? And where do you ding them I noticed the Flutterby top was made of voile. Do you use that often?
    Any other suggestions?

    • Hi Lori! Thanks for your question. I totally understand your pain when it comes to 100% cotton. I hate ironing! For clothing, I really try to avoid it and find most of my apparel fabric online. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE voile. It’s a high-quality lightweight cotton that is 100 times better and requires very little care after washing a garment. Its a little more expensive but its so worth it. Cotton lawn is lovely as well. I also use things like seersucker and other materials that have a little bit of polyester in them because they wash and wear easier than 100% cotton. Hope that helps!

  9. Hello Lisa your weekly emails are great thank you. I am retired and recently moved to France. We took 10 years in all to renovate our house using all our holidays and leave, totally worth it but I do find the clothes on sale here are either badly made( or need a mortgage to purchase the upmarket brands!) so I am going to make my own! I have patterns, fabric and plenty of ideas from you. Thanks I’ll keep you posted!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Its so nice to meet you! Your home sounds so lovely and I absolutely understand how it feels to have your home in constant renovation. :) I’m so glad you’re jumping into making your own clothing and I’d love to see and hear about your projects!

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