Vintage V-neck Tee | Mabey She Made It #kidsclothesweek #blankslatepatterns

Last month I bought the Sew Fab bundle of patterns, and the Vintage V-neck Tee by Blank Slate Patterns is one that I was really excited to try.

As Saige grows, I no longer have hand-me-downs to dress her in, so making her clothes is beginning to be more of a need (and want). It’s exciting, actually–although I never turn away hand-me-downs. So a basic tee pattern is awesome to have and will be great for years to come. I think that’s what I love about some of these PDF patterns–you can use the same pattern for years!

I chose to do the puff sleeve on this Vintage V-neck tee, but I cut out another shirt with a 3/4 sleeve so hopefully you’ll see that one this week as well. And paired with argyle, it’s a definite winner. I love the argyle, but I wanted the neckline and arm bands to be a little different, so I used the wrong side of the fabric to give just a little contrast. I really like how it turned out, especially where the puff is on the top and the bottom of the sleeve.

Vintage V-neck Tee | Mabey She Made It #kidsclothesweek #blankslatepatterns

I also chose to do a curved pocket rather than a square one because I wanted it to be a little more feminine. Since the Vintage V-neck Tee is for girls and boys, it has lots of possibilities but it’s not necessarily feminine.

Vintage V-neck Tee | Mabey She Made It #kidsclothesweek #blankslatepatterns

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