Mabey Baby #32

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while now. For about 20 weeks to be exact. But I can’t keep quiet for another 20. This past week we found out we’re adding a baby girl to our family! That will make three girlies, and we’re so excited to think about all the blessings another baby will add.

So I’m in that sweet spot now, where I feel good again, have some of my energy back, and I’m nesting. I have so many projects and ideas I want to get done and shared before Miss Mabey comes. I also can’t wait to hold my tiny newborn in my arms–I love those first few months of a newborn’s life, they’re so fleeting and precious. And when I get to wrap them in something I made, it makes things a tiny bit more special. So hold on to your hats–the next few months are going to be crazy fun!

To help celebrate our big news, I’ve got two awesome things planned.

The first is that I’m teaming up with Melanie from The Crafty Cupboard, who is also expecting a baby girl, to bring you two weeks of fun in the form of the Nesting to Newborns blog series. You all know that even if you’re not expecting, baby projects are always fun and you never know when you’ll need one for an upcoming baby shower. And for those of you who are expecting, we’ve even got a few maternity tutorials for you!

Nesting to Newborns Series | Mabey She Made It #baby #newborn

We have so much planned–it’s going to be awesome. We have five guest posts that you won’t want to miss, projects we’ve been working on, and four (4) giveaways along the way. And we’ll be sharing some things for mama, some for baby, and some for everyone in between! You’ll definitely want to come back each day and see what’s going on!

The second is a pretty awesome giveaway for anyone with a baby (we’re talking $1000 in prizes)! But you’ll have to wait until tonight at 10:01 PM MST for that announcement. I promise you’ll want to come back to see it-it’s pretty impressive and I wish I could enter!

Update: We’ve wrapped up the series, so come check out all the posts here! 

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