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These adorable pencil cases use recycled foil pouches and are fun to make.It’s amazing how summer can feel so liberating in May but by the time August rolls around, you know it’s time to move on from the lazy days and the freedom of summer. You can just feel the change in the air and with that change brings anticipation for a new school year.

As a child, I loved going back to school. I loved the learning, the friendships, and the chance to stretch and grow. It’s funny how even as a child I was ready for the challenge and ready for change.

And now I’m a parent with my first baby going to school. It may be preschool, but it’s still a big deal. As parents, we know our kids’ best qualities–we also know their weaknesses. And as she headed into her new classroom a little hesitantly, I began wondering how she’d handle it all.

Would she stand back and shy away from the excitement or embrace the craziness? Would she remember to be polite and sweet or would she completely shut down?

These are all things that ran through my head, but the overall feeling was that it was time for me to let her take the reigns. As I walked away I couldn’t help but feel like that day was her first chance to learn about how to act without mom around.

Pencil Case from Foil Pouches | Mabey She Made It | #

And even though she’s still eating lunch at home, making sure she’s got the right nutrients and a good lunch is really important. Because one thing I DO know about Saige, is that she’s a lot more likely to have a positive experience that day if she’s had the right foods. And a pouch of Del Monte Fruit Burst fruit puree is something that she loves to eat and I feel good about giving her. I got these Fruit Burst pouches at Walmart Super Store, and they’re just the right size for slipping into lunches and provide 1-1/2 servings of fruit (or fruit and veggies) in each pouch.

And when the pouches are empty? That’s when I get to create something fun for her to take to school. Sewing these cute little pouches into a zippered pencil case is another way for me to be able to connect with her while she’s at school. She loves being able to put her treasures in her pencil case, and I love knowing that she’s got a little reminder of home to take with her.


In addition to making something fun from the pouches, Del Monte also has a fun Back to School offer available at SELECT Walmart Super Stores. Get a free back to school photo from the Walmart Print Shop until September 13 (while supplies last) and you’ll get a $1 off coupon on your purchase of Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or Fruit Burst Squeezers.


So whether you’re sending your kids off to school all day long or still get to eat with them for one more year, it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with them in a simple and delicious way.



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8 years ago

This is incredible, can’t believe that you can make a pouch from these. You’re so creative!

laura @eye candy creative studio

I love this & think your creativity with this is amazing! Turned out soooooo cute!

Tracey @Let's Go Junking

I would have never thought to make a pencil case out of those. What a great idea and thank you for sharing your feelings from this important day in both your life and your daughter’s.

8 years ago

I was disappointed that you didn’t share how you made the pouches. Was really curious. They look great. Really thought they were made from fabric.

Mrs Major Hoff (Sara)
8 years ago

Great alternative to fabric! I think my kiddos would love these!

8 years ago

Is there anything you can’t sew?!

Dee @CupcakesandCrowbars

What a GREAT upcycle! You’re so talented!

rebecca lopez
8 years ago

Cute & clever! Thanks for linking this up to The Creative Collection Link Party!

8 years ago

I love how colorful and useful that is. I definitely need to try this.

8 years ago

Yes, please!! A tutorial as to how to sew the pouches into a pouch would be great. Can’t wait to try making one.

Alpha Carina
7 years ago

This is really cute and it shows how creative and resourceful you are. 🙂

Is the tutorial of this project already available? I am really interested to learn how you did this.


7 years ago

wow, so creative. i’m just learning how to sew, this pencil case is very challenging project.

6 years ago

Amazing, nice a pencil case. That is simple and inspirattions. Thanks