The Sugar House Shop Advent Calendars | Mabey She Made It #christmas #adventcalendarYears ago, my mom made a felt Christmas advent calendar for our family. I remember it clearly–it was full of scenes from the Christmas story and she cut all those little people and details by hand. My sisters and I loved it. Every year we would get it out with excitement.

So when Jennifer from The Sugar House Shop asked if I’d like to make one of her stunning Christmas advent calendars, I jumped at the chance to make that same kind of memory for my girls. I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer for several years, and her work is beautiful. Her photography is gorgeous, and every page of the instructions will leave you amazed–they’re instructions, but they’re beautiful. (Here’s a photo of the supply list–I told you they were gorgeous!)The Sugar House Shop Advent Calendars | Mabey She Made It #christmas #adventcalendar

And so is the finished product. The instructions are thorough with great tips throughout. The pattern is easy to assemble and includes everything you need–including suggestions on where to get the supplies if you want the same ones she uses.

The Sugar House Shop Advent Calendars | Mabey She Made It #christmas #adventcalendar

Now this isn’t a quick project, it takes some time and lots of hand work, but you’re making something that will last for a long time. That’s actually why she started her shop. She says, “I was helping my grandfather decorate his home for Christmas. As we were sifting through boxes we found an adorable felt Christmas tree advent calendar my grandmother had made while raising her six sons. It had clearly been well-loved. While standing there I had a flashback to my own childhood and how my mother had designed and hand-crafted a wreath advent calendar which my sister and I adored for years. I decided then and there I was destined to create an advent calendar for my family. But I couldn’t find the perfect pattern! I was ultimately inspired to create my own Advent Calendar Pattern, and thus The Sugar House Shop was born.”

The Sugar House Shop Advent Calendars | Mabey She Made It #christmas #adventcalendar

She has several styles of calendar, and they’re all amazingly beautiful. They’re modern, cute, and easy to use–the ornaments attach to the calendar by magnets so even young toddlers can help count down to Christmas.The Sugar House Shop Advent Calendars | Mabey She Made It #christmas #adventcalendar

The ornaments are perfect for the advent calendar, but they’re also just the right size and would be darling on a tree, on a wreath, or as a garland on your mantel. Really, they are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. And they’d make a great gift for anyone who loves a handmade heirloom.

I started making mine, and while I haven’t quite finished yet, I’ve enjoyed the process. It’s been nice to do a little embroidery while watching a show with my husband for the past few nights. I’m so excited to get it all finished and wait for December when my girls will get to do it with me.

Jennifer has been gracious enough to give three copies of her Christmas advent calendar to the winners of a giveaway. Winners will get to choose their calendar pattern PDF and I know you’ll be happy with it.

She’s also giving each of you a 20% discount on advent calendars when you use the code: MABEYSHEMADEIT (and it doesn’t expire, so you can keep on using it!).

The Sugar House Shop Advent Calendars | Mabey She Made It #christmas #adventcalendar

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  1. I can’t decide between the reindeer with ornaments or the tree with the cookie cutter ornaments! They are both so wonderful!

  2. I need to pick just one favorite?!? They’re gorgeous!! If I had to choose right this moment, I think I’d go with the reindeer. So fun!! I had a felt Advent Calendar that my mom had made when I was a kid. I don’t have the calendar anymore, but I still have some of the ornaments. I’d love to be able to create such a fun tradition for my own girls.

  3. I love the traditional tree ones. I have been thinking about making one for this winter. The kids are just the right age that it would be so fun!

  4. I love all of them – I’m partial to the deer, but just asked my 7 year old and she said the wreath is her favorite. I may have to just go ahead and buy it, I want to start making it right now!! (and I don’t sew, lol). Super cute!!

  5. She has so many wonderful patterns in her shop but I have a soft spot for advent calenders so I ‘ll have to say I like those best.
    Just don’t make me choose….They are all wonderful!
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

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