Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils | Mabey She Made It | #christmas #stencil #sewingforkids #sewing #blankslatepatterns

Call me a control freak, but I like to have things my own way.

I want just the right look that I’ve been dreaming up in my head but it can be so hard to find anything even close. That’s where my love of Royal Design Studio stencils comes in. They have gorgeous designs that coordinate and make creating your own custom look simple.

For example, I’ve been dreaming of making this beautiful Little Bow Pleat dress for a while now, but it needed just the right fabric. And with as much fabric as I have (and love) I just didn’t have the right thing. But I knew that with a little stenciling, I could create a dress that lived up to my imaginings.

Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils | Mabey She Made It | #christmas #stencil #sewingforkids #sewing #blankslatepatterns

I chose the Polka Party Christmas Stencil paired with the Floral Medallion Set A Christmas Stencil for this dress because I liked the way they work together. The small dots in the small floral medallion are about the same size as the small polka dots, so they go naturally together. And then I just had to stencil the pieces for the dress!

Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils

  1. Cut out your pattern pieces according to the pattern. Decide which pieces you want to stencil. I used the polka dots on the bow and the medallion on the dress hemline.
  2. Stencil your design on your pieces using fabric paint or fabric medium mixed with acrylic paint. I recommend using a stencil adhesive when stenciling fabric so nothing shifts. Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils | Mabey She Made It | #christmas #stencil #sewingforkids #sewing #blankslatepatternsI also made sure to leave enough room at the bottom of the dress for hemming. Let your designs dry.Stenciled Bow Pleat Dress3
  3. Sew your dress according to the pattern.

And the result is this darling dress. The stenciled images are a subtle glittery white that don’t detract from the simplicity of the brown chambray.

Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils | Mabey She Made It | #christmas #stencil #sewingforkids #sewing #blankslatepatterns

The bow stands out with the polka dots

Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils | Mabey She Made It | #christmas #stencil #sewingforkids #sewing #blankslatepatterns

and the medallion is perfectly centered within the center pleat so it’s showcased and gets to shine.

Design Your Own Fabric with Stencils | Mabey She Made It | #christmas #stencil #sewingforkids #sewing #blankslatepatterns

There’s something so fun about custom fabric. I can be in charge–I can have it just like I imagined. You might also want to check out my tutorial for stenciling curtains that contains tips and tricks for getting great, clean images.

DIY Stenciled Curtains | Mabey She Made It | #curtains #stencil #homedecor #royaldesignstudio


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Rachel @ R & R Workshop

darling dress and model 🙂 Love it!

8 years ago

I love linen and that little pop of white makes the dress look really special. And your curtains are gorgeous! I’ll have to check out that post too.

8 years ago

I am so in love with subtle, tonal looks these days and this is a great way to achieve that! Definitely adding this to my bag of tricks, thanks!

Chelsea @ GYCT Designs

Really cute project. I love painting fabrics. Never tried linen though. May have too!

Jamie | anderson + grant

You are so lucky to have such a perfect model for all of your beautiful creations 🙂 Love how you customized this cute dress!

Amy | Club Narwhal
8 years ago

This is such a cute idea! I love the simple design–it’s so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing on The Makers 🙂

8 years ago

I love how this came out! Thanks for sharing.

Lieveke en zus
8 years ago

I love the idea for a linen dress! I might try it myself.

Olga Becker
8 years ago

I love this dress! So so cute!