If you’ve never been over to FrugElegance, you’ll want to check them out. They combine a frugal approach and elegant design to create some amazing projects that don’t cost a lot but look like a million bucks!

I met the FruGirls at SNAP! Conference this year, and loved how sweet and fabulous they are. And after the conference they have been equally as sweet and jumped on board to be one of the first guests I’ll be hosting this summer! So let’s see what they’ve got for us today!


Hi! We are The FruGirls, Carol & Randi and our blog is FrugElegance.com. We love high end but love it so much more if it’s marked way down. Or, if that isn’t possible, we create our own discounted version. Home Decor, Entertaining, Holidays, every day family living… We live a FrugElegance Life.

Thank you Lisa for having us! We are thrilled to be able to share with you and your readers our version of a “Pottery Barn Style” Table Runner.

The FruGirls love this DIY No-sew Table Runner because it’s so fast and easy to make. Plus you get at high end look at low end price.

Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com

Starting out, at the craft & fabric store are a selection of fabrics by Textiles For Home. We love that the 2 long sides are finished. The price was also less than most of the fabrics we were looking at. (And we had a coupon for 40% off!) Just measure out the length you need.

Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com

  • Lay out your material & use *Pinking Shears to cut one of the ends to get a cleaned up edge. Repeat on the opposite end.Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com
  • Iron material (press that steam button too) & create a flap on the end about 1-1/2″ wide. Make sure the flap folds to the underside of your table runner.Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com
  • Place a strip cut to size of “Fusible Bonding Web” along the inside flap, close & iron thoroughly, till seam stays in place. Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com
  • That bonding web will work like glue to keep the seam closed when its fully heated by the iron. This will create your finished no sew edge. Repeat on the other end of soon to be table runner.

Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com

All Done!Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com

Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com

We compared similar table runners & was amazed at the prices. Some of our favorite stores had runners that were $40-$75! To make 2 of these table runners it cost us $25.00 -that’s $12.50 each!

Easy DIY Table Runner by FrugElegance.com

It has been such a pleasure to be here at Mabey She Made It and hope you will come see us at FrugElegance!

*Pinking Shears are a type of shear, generally used to finish edges of fabric. They create a zigzag edge, as opposed to a straight line. Pinked edges are less likely to ravel in a finished garment.


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8 years ago

I love this look! Where would I find “Textiles for Home”?

The FruGirls
8 years ago

We purchased the Textiles for Home fabric at our local craft supply store – Beverlys. It might be something your local craft store can order?? So glad you like the table runner!