Fawning over the Fawn Lily Top | Mabey She Made It #fawnlily #sewing #kidsclothes #willow&co

I got to sew up a brand new pattern recently–the Fawn Lily Top and Dress by Willow & Co.–and I’m in love with it. Like every time Saige wears it I stare at her shirt all day long in love. This super cute pattern hasn’t been released yet (but will be soon!) but I die a little every time I see it.

There are several different options to this pattern, and I chose to start with the cross-over yoke. It’s SO CUTE! With the piping detail and the crossover piece, it stands out as a show piece all in itself. The yoke is what made me HAVE to make the pattern in the first place.

Fawning over the Fawn Lily Top | Mabey She Made It #fawnlily #sewing #kidsclothes #willow&co

Then there’s the 3 skirt options–I went with the pleats, and love it although I’ve seen some fabulous versions of all three skirt options. Out of necessity, I did the tunic length instead of the dress version (which has above and below the knee options) which would have also been adorable.

Fawning over the Fawn Lily Top | Mabey She Made It #fawnlily #sewing #kidsclothes #willow&co

I also love the sleeve on this top/dress. The way it’s set in and the way it sets things apart makes it really fun to mix and match fabrics. I wanted something that I wouldn’t have to iron, and this floral fabric was just the right choice. It’s got some polyester in it, and I can pull it out of the wash and it looks awesome. I wish I had more of it!

Fawning over the Fawn Lily Top | Mabey She Made It #fawnlily #sewing #kidsclothes #willow&co

I paired it with a dusty rose polka dot that came from my mom’s stash–I had just enough to get the yoke and 2 pocket pieces out of it (oh yeah, there are pockets in this cutie)–the rest of the pockets are in a third coordinating stripe, which is cute, but not visible.

Fawning over the Fawn Lily Top | Mabey She Made It #fawnlily #sewing #kidsclothes #willow&co

Saige has had fun wearing it, but I’m the one who swoons every time she puts it on.

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8 years ago

So cute! Thank you so much for sharing Lisa! 🙂

Kat Ryan
8 years ago

OMG I am loving this!!! She is so adorable!! The top even has pockets!! There is just nothing not to love about this. If you have a moment PLEASE link this up to my weekly beauty party!!! It is just to cute not to share.

Sherri | Thread Riding Hood

Gorgeous! I’ve got this on on my list when it comes out!

8 years ago

Well done! Looks like your daughter loves it!

8 years ago

This is such a sweet top on her….I’m going to try it out! That button next to the pocket! The details make me love it!