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Flora and Fauna Mini Collection

I designed a mini collection of fabric! I feel like shouting it from the rooftops, I’m so thrilled (and nervous). And I hope you’re as excited about them as I am.

Today I’m giving you an overview of the fabrics, and in the days and weeks to come I’ll share projects I’ve been making with the fabric to give you ideas of what to make and the possibilities of the prints.

There are three different prints in two colorways designed for boys and girls. The main colors are teal and coral with beautiful coordinating colors in aqua, green, and mustard (for the teal) and aqua, sage, and yellow (for the coral). Color palettes have always been an important part of creating for me, and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this palette. It just makes me happy.

If you haven’t ordered from Raspberry Creek before, let me tell you a few reasons why I love them. 

  • Their knit is beautiful and thick. Their cotton/spandex knit jersey and French terry are both great quality—their white is opaque and doesn’t need anything under it while maintaining great stretch and recovery. Almost all the CLUB prints are printed on this lovely base.
  • CLUB prints are exclusive to Raspberry Creek, and there’s always a great selection that rotates regularly. This spring line will be available until the fall, when it will retire to make room for new prints.
  • The customer service is amazing. If there’s ever a problem, they are wonderful to work with and so eager to fix any issues. I’ve been ordering here for about 4-5 years, and it’s my go-to for knits.

About the Prints

You can click on any of the images below, and they’ll take you straight to the shop where you can purchase them for $1 off per yard during release week.

The windowpane deer are SO DANG CUTE. Let me tell you that they went through a lot of changes throughout the creative process as I knew they had so much potential. The windowpane detail on the deer is so good in person. I LOVE them, and so do my kids.  

I love the juxtaposition of the geometric windowpane with the more organic clumping of the deer—like you’d just caught a herd grazing. And while I’ve already started making things for my kids out of the deer, I’m also dreaming of a pair of lounge pants for myself.

A great stripe is essential, and I gravitate to them in almost every collection. I love the double stripe in a single color before moving on to the next because it gives your eye a wider visual band of color and is a little bit surprising. And this is where the strong color palette comes into play. I could use swaths of this fabric all over because I love the palette so much.

And then there’s a colorful hand drawn herringbone that uses the same color palette and provides a fun texture. It’s a loose, playful herringbone that nods to the geometric sensibilities of the other two prints, but also works really nicely on its own. It’s a great all-over print that’s not too loud but is still really fun.

Don’t forget, they’re available now and they’re $1 off per yard during release week, so go get some for yourself!

So tell me, which are you going to get for yourself?


Lisa Mabey blogs at Mabey She Made It about DIY, Crafts, Home Decor, and Sewing.

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  • These are really nice! It looks as though the deer measure about 2"×2" and the stripes and herringbones are about 3/8" wide. Is this correct? Also, are the stripes and herringbones horizontal or vertical? As I sew mostly higher-end clothing to fit the American Girl dolls, scale is very important to me. I love using knits for the dolls. I had not been on the Raspberry Creek site before. I will have to explore further. I love that the knits are 58"-60" wide.

    • Hi Marjory,

      The stripes and herringbone are about 1/2" wide each. The herringbone is vertical, and the stripes are horizontal. The deer are about 2" tall, but most are 1-1/2" wide. I hope that helps--I'd love to see these prints on an American Girl doll!

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