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Sewing Swimsuits Tips and tricks with examples

15+ Tips to Sewing Swimsuits You’ll Love

If you saw my post yesterday about sewing swimsuits for the blog tour but aren’t sure you are ready to jump in (hah!) yourself, I’m here to help you out. I totally get the intimidation of sewing swimsuits, but to ease any hesitations you might feel I’ve put together a list of sewing swimsuit tips […] Read more…

Draft a basic tee for any size using a tee you already have and love.

Make a Basic Tee (In Any Size)

We all have a favorite tee in our closets, and often we wish we had another one just like it. And while I can’t take you back in time to buy another one, I can show you how to draft one just like the original and it doesn’t matter what size shirt you want–its all the […] Read more…

9 More Ways to Make Your Sewing Polished

I love sharing some of the things I’ve learned in my years of sewing. I’ve done a LOT of it by trial and error, and I have made just about every mistake out there. So I want to save you some of that error by teaching you some of the things I’ve learned along the way […] Read more…

Easy Circle Skirt by Mabey She Made It

Simple Circle Skirt Tutorial & Cheat Sheet

It’s so fun when you find a cute and amazing skirt that you can make in almost no time at all. A circle skirt is so much fun and there’s really not much to it! And once you make your first circle skirt you’ll wonder why you never made one before. This photo was taken last year, […] Read more…

How to match stripes when sewing.

2 Methods for Matching Stripes when Sewing

Have you ever bought a striped shirt or skirt and then realized once you were home that the stripes don’t match up? Its annoying and doesn’t look great and when you’re paying for clothes you want them to look right, not cheap. The same applies when you’re sewing. When those stripes match up it looks […] Read more…

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