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Tips & Techniques

Make your sewing design choices intentional and you'll create stunning garments. I'm sharing my tips, tricks, and thought process with you for choosing the right pattern, fabric, and trim to get the feel you want.

Sewing Design Choices

I get a lot of comments on my sewing about how everything seems to work together to create a look that is complete–like all the elements were made to go together. To me, sewing design choices are not just picking a pattern, fabric, and notions independently and putting them together–its making decisions based on the look and […] Read more…

7 Tips for Cutting Patterns in Record Time

Cutting patterns in preparation for sewing is definitely my least favorite sewing chore but its necessary. So every time I can read up on and think about better ways to get it done I do. And today I’m sharing some of those time (and sanity) saving methods with you in case you’re in the same […] Read more…

Check out these ideas for craft and sewing organization.

9 Tips for How to Organize Your Sewing Space for the New Year

I love how a new year often motivates me to get things organized again and find a good home for everything. And while I started coming up with tips to organize your sewing space, I realized that I never showed you my craft/sewing room at Mabey Manor, so you get both practical tips and a craft […] Read more…

These are simple and practical Tips for Choosing Fabric Combinations

9 Tips for Choosing Fabric Combinations

  Have you ever wondered how to go about choosing fabric combinations for your living spaces? As I was getting ready to redo my pillows recently, I started browsing some amazing prints at (they have home decor fabric!) and found so many I wanted. I started adding them to my cart, then worked on paring the choices […] Read more…

Use these 7 tips and your sewing projects will look more professional--people won't even suspect you made it yourself!

7 Ways to Make Your Sewing Look Professional

Updated April 2019  You’ve come to learn more about how to make your sewing look more professional and amazing, and I have so much to share with you. Before we get to those tips though, let me share a few more things with you. When I started sewing I would often look at the things I made […] Read more…

Learn how to sew a hem using either a sewing machine or a serger with this basic sewing tutorial.

How to Sew a Hem Tutorial

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in creating a big project that I don’t think about the basics of sewing. But those basics, like how to sew a hem, are so important to the big picture. So when I got a request to cover things like hemming and zippers and buttonholes, I realized I was leaving […] Read more…

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