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Use these 7 tips and your sewing projects will look more professional--people won't even suspect you made it yourself!

7 Ways to Make Your Sewing Look Professional

Updated April 2019  You’ve come to learn more about how to make your sewing look more professional and amazing, and I have so much to share with you. Before we get to those tips though, let me share a few more things with you. When I started sewing I would often look at the things I made […] Read more…

Learn how to sew a hem using either a sewing machine or a serger with this basic sewing tutorial.

How to Sew a Hem Tutorial

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in creating a big project that I don’t think about the basics of sewing. But those basics, like how to sew a hem, are so important to the big picture. So when I got a request to cover things like hemming and zippers and buttonholes, I realized I was leaving […] Read more…

If you're getting ready to start sewing clothing, you'll want to check out these basic sewing tools.

List of Sewing Supplies to Get Started Sewing

Content was updated 4/19 One of the things my readers always ask for is a basic list of sewing supplies to get started sewing clothes. These are supplies I always have on hand. Having everything on a basic list of sewing supplies is the first step to sewing successfully. I loved this suggestion because it’s always […] Read more…

9 Tips for Upcycling Clothes | Mabey She Made It

9 Tips for Upcycling Clothes: Skirt and Tunic from Pants

Take one pair of trousers and a little creativity, and what can you make? A cute little piped skirt and tunic that are so stinkin’ cute you’ll wish you’d done it earlier. Upcycling clothes is such a fun way to make good use out of all the things you no longer wear but still have […] Read more…

Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

7 Unique DIY Clothing Labels

Updated April 2019 Creating DIY clothing labels is such a rewarding and fun finishing step to making your own clothes. You turned two-dimensional fabric into an item you can wear or show or use. There’s something about that creative accomplishment that makes you want to declare to the world that you made it. For these […] Read more…

Basic tutorial for lengthening a dress hem from Mabey She Made It.

Lengthening a Dress: A Tutorial

Have you ever found the perfect dress only it’s just a bit short? So frustrating, right? Well it happens to my lovely sister (pictured above) a lot since she’s a fabulous 6′ tall. And since my brother’s wedding was this past week, we needed to lengthen this dress from Shabby Apple just a bit. Lengthen […] Read more…

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