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Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

Creating DIY clothing labels is such a rewarding and fun finishing step to making your own clothes. You turned two-dimensional fabric into an item you can wear or show or use. There’s something about that creative accomplishment that makes you want to declare to the world that you made it.

For these times, use these creative and unique DIY and customizable solutions. This post will help you figure out what kind of DIY Clothing tags you want and point you to how to make them.

Personalized Button DIY Clothing Labels

 So along with keeping and loving some of the pieces I’ve made, I also wanted a way to “tag” them as my creations. So I started looking around at some fun options, and ultimately decided to try something a little unique.

I had these buttons personalized through Pick Your Plum (no longer available) and ordered a bunch of them. They were fairly inexpensive, and I loved the idea of being able to put buttons on the girls’ dresses that were a little personal. A little while after they came, though, I started putting them on the left side seam near the bottom as my sewing signature.

Although these exact buttons aren’t available, here are some Etsy shops that personalize wood buttons for you.

Button Tags for Labeling Clothes | Mabey She Made It

If you look through the sewing section, you’ll notice them here and there on tops, skirts, and dresses mostly. I love that I have an easy way to identify the pieces I’ve made and to start a sort of brand, even if it’s only for my own kids.

The pros to this method are that they don’t itch, they’re visible, and they aren’t ruined in the wash. The cons are that I have to sew on an extra button.

Printed Ribbon Labels

Business Card Holders | Mabey She Made It #sewing #businesscardholder #fabriclabel

Here’s another easy way to add a label to your sewn goods. These printed labels on ribbon were fun to create and were the perfect tiny little accent to these Business Card Holders. The pros here are that you can make a bunch fairly quickly. The cons are that I think they’d wash out eventually (but I figured a business card holder isn’t going to be washed a lot so I haven’t tested this theory) and that you have to have an ink jet printer to make them.

Stamped Twill Tape Tags

Stamped Twill Tape Clothes Tags | Mabey She Made It

This tutorial for stamping your twill tape labels is another great way to make your labels. It’s simple, cost effective, and you only need some very basic supplies to create them. You can go with simple colors like this tutorial at Crafty Blossom, or step it up a notch and dye your twill tape to differentiate sizes like the divine Katy at No Big Dill.

Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

Embroidered Tags

Another amazing example of unique clothing labels from Katy is to embroider your brand on each piece. I especially love the detail on this white dress with the detailed “No Big Dill” on the back. So gorgeous.

Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

Printed Fabric DIY Clothing Labels

If you want to go a quicker route, how about having your logo printed on fabric and using the fabric as your labels? This awesome tutorial over at See Kate Sew looks great and would be durable as well. And it’s pretty cheap when you consider how many labels you’re getting!

Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

Silkscreened DIY Clothing Labels

And finally, if tags are too itchy, why not silkscreen your clothing labels on like the pros? Ashely shows you how to do it in this tutorial, which would be so cool to learn how to do. And would look incredibly professional.

Unique DIY Clothing Label Ideas | Mabey She Made It

So which of these DIY clothing labels methods is your favorite? Have you tried any of them?


DIY Clothing Labels

So which of these DIY clothing labels methods is your favorite? Have you tried any of them?

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8 years ago

I’ve never seen the button labels, but now I have to have some of my own!

Kayla O.
8 years ago

I bought the personalized buttons from Pick Your Plum, too. I went crazy and ordered more than enough. I love the idea of using them as a clothing label… very creative!

Elena F.
8 years ago

Great ideas. I went from feeling I could never afford nice labels to having several affordable options. Thanks.

Tracy Robinson
7 years ago

Hi! I have found that if you have a laser jet you can print directly onto the ribbon. Simply take a piece of regular paper. Figure out how many rows of ribbon will fit on your paper. I use 7/8 inch so I can get 9 rows (landscape). Figure out how much room is left and divide it by 2. This is the margin on each side. Draw a line down each side with this margin. Then spray your paper with temporary spray adhesive. Stick your ribbon to the paper following the lines. Trim the edges. Now all you need… Read more »

Adam Bockler
7 years ago

Thanks for your tips about how to create your own clothes, Lisa. I like your tip about using silkscreened clothing labels. If you get them a little bit bigger, you can make screen print t-shirts. This can be a great idea for sports teams or events. However, you can always order t-shirts like this online if you don’t have the materials or times. Thanks for the ideas.

Adam Bockler
7 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

I agree. It can really make your business or label look professional.

Always Instyle
6 years ago

A debt of gratitude is in order for your tips about how to make your own garments, Lisa. I like your tip about utilizing silkscreened dress marks. On the off chance that you get them a tiny bit greater, you can make screen print shirts. This can be an awesome thought for games groups or occasions. Be that as it may, you can simply arrange shirts like this online in the event that you don’t have the materials or times. A debt of gratitude is in order for the thoughts.

Jidapa Akkarathanaratthachai

Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been running muslin through printers for the last 15 years using various printers and have had great success. However, the HP 1507 I have now doesn’t like the thickness of the fabric and freezer paper even though it looks very similar to your printer. I’m using the HP transfer setting and hand feeding the sheets and they still jam. I tried spraying heavy starch and that helped some but the jersey seems to want to curl no matter how much pressure I use in ironing to the freezer paper.

Jidapa Akkarathanaratthachai

You can buy freezer paper at some grocery stores, but I buy the heavier stuff already cut in 8×10 sheets at the same online place I get the bubble jet set. I asked at every store – they don’t have it – and one employee told me she has to get hers online too. Local Quilt shops might have it. The freezer paper is waxy on one side, that’s the side to put on your fabric. When you iron it, the wax melts and sticks to the fabric. Very easy. Any natural fiber should take the printer ink. 100% silk… Read more »

6 years ago

Much obliged for your tips about how to make your own garments, Lisa. I like your tip about utilizing silkscreened apparel marks.

4 years ago

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Linda Aston
Linda Aston
5 months ago

I use little pre-made ribbon rosebuds as a signature. I tall recipients that when they see it to remember I love them.