Use this circle skirt cheat sheet for making baby to adult circle skirts without having to do the math. :)

It’s so fun when you find a cute and amazing skirt that you can make in almost no time at all. A circle skirt is so much fun and there’s really not much to it! And once you make your first circle skirt you’ll wonder why you never made one before.

Easy Circle Skirts by Mabey She Made It

This photo was taken last year, but I couldn’t resist using them to share this tutorial with you–she’s just so tiny and cute!

Today I’m sharing what a fun and easy project circle skirts really are–even if you don’t sew much! The worst part of making a circle skirt is the math–math isn’t my strong suit and often acts as a deterrent if you’re also not the best at it.

So I did something for you: I made a cheat sheet with full circle, 3/4 circle, half circle and 1/4 circle measurements already done for you.

Now no matter what kind of circle skirt you want to make (and whether its for a baby or for yourself) I’ve got you covered and you can just get to making your circle skirts.

Easy Circle Skirts by Mabey She Made It

Let’s get started!

Circle Skirt Supplies

  • Circle Skirt Cheat Sheet
  • Fabric of your choice (the amount depends on what size you’re making)
  • Wide elastic the length of your waist measurement (I like 3″ elastic for adults and 2″ for kids.)
  • Pen or marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper (optional for making a reusable pattern)
  • Dressmakers shears (these are my favorite–they cut so clean and easily!)


  1. Start by finding your waist measurement on the printable circle skirt cheat sheet and then find the radius for your skirt. I made this skirt for my baby girl who had a 17″ waist so from the corner of my paper I used my measuring tape to create an arc that was 2.39 inches from the corner.
  2. Determine the skirt length by measuring from the waist to the desired length. Then use that length to create a second arc for the hemline from the waist line. I needed a 7″ length so I took my measuring tape again and measured 7″ from the waistline all around the arc to get the pattern piece you see below.
  3. Fold your fabric twice so both of the straight lines of your pattern are touching folded edges. (Note: for adult sizes, you may have to fold once and cut 2 pieces because the width of fabric may limit the length you can get when its folded twice.)Easy Circle Skirt by Mabey She Made It
  4. Cut out your skirt along both arcs and you should have a circle with the middle cut out (and it looks like a donut)Easy Circle Skirt by Mabey She Made It
  5. Cut a piece of wide elastic the length of your waist measurement then sew the cut ends together. I like to reinforce this seam a couple of times.
  6. Pin quarters of your skirt fabric and elastic, then pin them together and sew your waistband on.

If you are using a woven fabric, you’ll want to hem it, but if you use knit you can choose not to (yay!).

Easy Circle Skirts by Mabey She Made It

I paired Maya’s circle skirt with a super cute little pair of orange sandals and a white sweater, and this little girl is ready for church or play. It’s super comfy and amazingly adorable for the time it took to create.

Don’t forget to get your Circle Skirt Cheat Sheet! Click here to download.

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  1. Did I miss fabric amounts? Thank you for the tutorial and for the cheat sheet, your baby is darling :) Are you related to the Mabey’s in Ririe, ID?

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  3. I am not able to get the link for the circle skirt and cheat sheet to work. Would you please email it to me? Thank you!

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