If you have trouble finding fabric combinations, this article is for you. These 9 tips will help you choose great combinations!

Have you ever wondered how to go about choosing fabric combinations for your living spaces? As I was getting ready to redo my pillows recently, I started browsing some amazing prints at Minted.com (they have home decor fabric!) and found so many I wanted. I started adding them to my cart, then worked on paring the choices down into something that would work well in my space and would create a cohesive look.

And since I was working through my process, it made sense to compile and share some of those tips for choosing fabric combinations with you.

Everyone has different ideas about what works in their space, so take these ideas as a starting point, and follow your instincts–YOU have to love what’s in your space, or it won’t feel right. So let’s get started!

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14 Comments on 9 Tips for Choosing Fabric Combinations

  1. My sister in law just re-did her living room pillows and valances. And she spent just over $100. This would be an awesome give away to win. I was so jealous of how fresh her house was looking!

  2. Wow! I had no idea Minted had fabric! Now I want even MORE things from there haha! They have such a fabulous selection of fun stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. Those pillows are awesome, Lisa!

  3. I didn’t know Minted sells fabric! Too cool.
    I was just making some onesies last night and had a heckuva time pairing fabrics, but I don’t really have a process. It’s interesting to read about yours.

    • I stumbled on it, and was instantly hooked. It’s a really high quality fabric too, which I was excited about. I think we all have some sort of process but we don’t necessarily stop to define what that process is. It was revealing to start picking apart what I do since I do it mostly subconsciously.

  4. I think my biggest struggle with choosing prints comes from not knowing which scales to put together. I love the basketweave you put with the others, and it really makes them all work together well! I’ll have to try a few different things and see what I can come up with. Thanks for a great article!

  5. I have recently started reteaching myself to sew and have been able to complete one project. I had noticed when facing all those rows of fabric it can be a bit intimidating, especially when i decided to take on a few window projects. So far i have the plans but the scaling seemed so foreign to me. Im glad i found your 9 Tips For Choosing Fabric Combinations before making any purchases. Next time I go shopping I will feel more confident that my home wont look like a circus tent. LOL :) Thank you for the awesome tips!

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