Add some texture

Let’s talk about the actual fabric for a second. Mixing textures is a great way to add really subtle interest to your decor. If you look closely at these pillows, you can see the amazing texture of the linen–it’s so subtle, but it’s a nice dichotomy when put next to the leather couch. (I also added invisible zippers so they’re easy to wash.)

Throw Pillow Fabrics6

Keep the background and tones similar

You also have to make sure the fabric backgrounds aren’t competing. You don’t want one with a white background and another with ivory or beige. It just won’t look cohesive. I chose fabrics that all have white backgrounds, but you could also have a colored background as long as it’s intentional (so a same yellow or aqua background could have worked, but not ivory).

Make sure you love it

You have to live with it, so make sure you want to look at it all the time. If you do, you’re set! Choosing fabric combinations is a personal thing, and with a few tips to help you mix your style with design principles, you’ll be sure to find a winning combination.

These are simple and practical Tips for Choosing Fabric Combinations

What tips do you have to add for choosing fabric combinations? What works for you? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!


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Lauren English
7 years ago

Great tips! I especially love the ideas of mixing scale and texture. Fun textures on pillows are perfect for snuggling up to! 🙂

7 years ago

My sister in law just re-did her living room pillows and valances. And she spent just over $100. This would be an awesome give away to win. I was so jealous of how fresh her house was looking!

7 years ago

Love your colors. Thank you for the tips. I have difficulty figuring color combinations.

7 years ago

Wow! I had no idea Minted had fabric! Now I want even MORE things from there haha! They have such a fabulous selection of fun stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. Those pillows are awesome, Lisa!

7 years ago

I didn’t know Minted sells fabric! Too cool.
I was just making some onesies last night and had a heckuva time pairing fabrics, but I don’t really have a process. It’s interesting to read about yours.

Veronica Marks
7 years ago

I think my biggest struggle with choosing prints comes from not knowing which scales to put together. I love the basketweave you put with the others, and it really makes them all work together well! I’ll have to try a few different things and see what I can come up with. Thanks for a great article!

Veronica Marks
7 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Thank you! Hopefully I can get my patterns to look as good as yours!

6 years ago

I have recently started reteaching myself to sew and have been able to complete one project. I had noticed when facing all those rows of fabric it can be a bit intimidating, especially when i decided to take on a few window projects. So far i have the plans but the scaling seemed so foreign to me. Im glad i found your 9 Tips For Choosing Fabric Combinations before making any purchases. Next time I go shopping I will feel more confident that my home wont look like a circus tent. LOL 🙂 Thank you for the awesome tips!