In December, 2013 we bought an abandoned home in Rexburg, Idaho and moved in with the intention to renovate it. It was a really sad house with a horrible layout, but there was something about it that we loved. It had so much potential that others just seemed to look past.

So we began transforming it. One project at a time. We spent months with our mattress on the living room floor and everything from the upstairs stacked wherever we could put it. Then when that was finished, we started on the downstairs. Somewhere in there we had a preemie baby and adjusted to life with three girls.

But this 1910 beauty is so different today than it was when we started. It’s beautiful now, and the charm we saw before is enhanced.

We sold our house in June, 2015, nineteen months after we bought it. We never even listed it, and it sold with only one family ever looking at it. It wasn’t completely finished when we had to move on, but the new owners love every inch of it and gave some input as we finished up some existing projects before signing it over.

It’s been a labor of love, and there are a lot of memories tied up in that home. I invite you to come look and share Mabey Manor with us!

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