While I love to DIY most things, sometimes I just need to gather a little inspiration from other places. Like when I was starting to think about decorating the nursery/guest room in our house. It was an empty room, but I had several ideas I wanted to play with. So I started “shopping.”
I chose a light gray for the walls, and I love how neutral and calming it is. Then, with the gray, I wanted lots of fresh white and pops of coral–a color combination that’s fabulously girly and yet sophisticated.
With this in mind, I started looking around for inspiration. And here are some of the fabulous things I discovered!
Coral Nursery Decor

1. 12″ Soji Silk Effects Square, Coral || 2. Square wall mirror || 3. Langley Crib || 4. Chevron throw pillow || 5. Floral throw pillow || 6. Fabric wingback rocking chair || 7. Chevron Fitted Baby Crib Sheet || 8. Coral Garland Duvet Set || 9. Coral area rug


What do you think? What am I missing? This whole decorating from scratch thing is new to me, and I’m loving the way that thinking a room through beforehand is helping me flesh out what I’d like the room to feel like and how I’d like it to function.
Update: I finally got everything put together in the nursery! It looks awesome, and although its different than my inspiration in some ways, I’m so glad I took the time to put it all together so I knew what kinds of things I wanted to look for.
Mabey Manor Coral, Gray, and White Nursery Reveal

See the complete nursery here.

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