Upcycled Bathroom Organizers from Baby Food Jars

There comes a point in every baby’s life where they eat a LOT of baby food. And there’s something about baby food jars that makes them hard to throw away. They’re a great size for so many things. So when I had some baby food jars hanging around I went looking for a good way to use them around my house. This is what I came up with (for a contributor post over at Made from Pinterest):


I saw these fun little bud vases┬ámade from baby food jars over at Apples and Onions, and I started thinking about what I wanted to do with the multitude of baby food jars I currently go through. I’ve used them for spice jars, for holding screws, and for lots of other purposes, but not really for decoration. And why not?

Upcycled Bathroom Organizers from Baby Food Jars

I took the idea and ran with it. I started with these Beechnut baby food jars–I love the shape (and that there’s no rim you’re trying to scrape food out of when feeding your baby) so I cleaned and de-stickered three.

Upcycled Bathroom Organizers from Baby Food Jars

And instead of dipping, I added some washi tape in a spiral, and painted around the tape. Super simple.

Upcycled Bathroom Organizers from Baby Food Jars

Then the only thing left was to fill them! Since I’m using mine in the bathroom, I put in some cotton swabs, cotton balls, and a few tools we use often. Set them on a cute little mirror tray, and that’s it!

Upcycled Bathroom Organizers from Baby Food JarsUpcycled Bathroom Organizers from Baby Food Jars

What would you make from baby food jars?

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Jamie | anderson + grant

So stylish!!! I love the look of them all lined up on the mirror.

Mary-In the boondocks
Mary-In the boondocks
7 years ago

That is a really great idea for the bathroom organizers. I’ll have to try it.