It’s been about two weeks now since we signed papers, got the key, and got to work. I spent so much time while we were looking and waiting to sign not talking about it, that it almost feels like I’m telling a secret right now. But it’s an exciting “secret” that I’m eager to document.

Four years ago when we renovated Mabey Manor, I did a great job of documenting the before photos and our plans to renovate. But when it came time to talk about all the work going on I went silent because I was so concerned about “pretty” that I left out all the stuff in the middle. Which is a shame, really. We lived in and through the mess and the transfiguration and I missed out on sharing the marvel of it all.

And while I can’t promise anything (blogging isn’t my top priority now), I do want to be more real about the process, even in the ugly stages because that’s what it’s really like.

So without further ado, I made a couple of videos walking through the house minutes after getting the keys but (as you will see) not before Chad got started. We’re hoping to get all the changes we’d like to see done in 6-8 weeks so we can move in, but we’ll see if that scope changes.

Upstairs Tour


Downstairs Tour

I haven’t come up with a fun name for this home, but the area is called the Glenmoor Estates, so I may work with that, but Mabey Estate sounds a little pretentious. I’m going to try to post a bi-weekly update, showing only the bits of progress. We’ll see how I do. 😉

Now that you’ve had a tour–what would you call our house?

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5 years ago

Well it’s not really a cottage, but I like Glenmore cottage

5 years ago

Congrats, Lisa. It seems like just yesterday that you moved into your previous “new home.” Can’t wait to see what you with that large pantry in the kitchen.

5 years ago

Congrats! I’m sure you’ll make it look amazing!


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