Pattern review for the free Izzy Top

I keep seeing the Izzy top pop up, and I love the simplicity and cute design so I had to try it.

The Izzy top is a free pattern for sizes 18 mo. to 5 (UPDATE: it now goes to a size 12!), which is so much fun because it’s great to try out and if you don’t like it, you’re not out anything. But no worries, I did like it–enough to make it twice!

Pattern review for the free Izzy Top

I did everything according to the pattern except I added in a little trim to the bodice for a little more detail and I attached the skirt a little different.

The izzy top is a free pattern you have to try out for girls.

Instead of serging both the bodice and lining to the skirt at the same time (leaving an exposed  seam) I attached the skirt piece to the bodice ONLY and then tacked down the lining separately to cover the seam so it looks really polished inside and out. It adds an extra step, but I like the finished look a little better.

It was fun to pick coordinating fabric for my girls and have them exclaim how much they loved their new tops. There’s something about handmade items that I really love. I keep seeing my girls choose shirts and dresses I made, and it really makes me happy to know that they appreciate and like the pieces I make them.

The izzy top is a free pattern you have to try out for girls.

My only complaint about this pattern? That it doesn’t have baby sizes too! But Maya won’t stay little forever.

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16 Comments on Making the Izzy Top

  1. with so many people wanting and asking how to make this top surly someone can up load how to make the izzy top there is nothing out there on how to sew it up.
    all the sites that say they have it don’t or have closed.
    way to frustrating!!!!

  2. I too am looking for instructions/tutorial on how to sew the Izzy Top. It’s a cute top…looks easy enough to do…but I need to see something in print…at my age, my 2nd sight isn’t working too well. Serious, please send instructions. I’d like to make for Christmas gifts.
    thank you in advance.

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