Get the free 18-month pattern for Tulip Leggings at Mabey She Made It

Babies and toddlers look so adorable in tunics and leggings. You can see the little details of their chubby (or not so chubby) legs and it makes you just want to squish them. I wanted to create some cute little tulip leggings (and 18-month pattern) that are just a little different while still being cute and not over the top. The Tulip Leggings are just that–a basic legging with a sweet little tulip detail at the hem.

Get the free 18-month pattern for Tulip Leggings at Mabey She Made It

Tulip leggings look adorable in pant and capri length, and I can’t wait to make more pairs for my little one. But I also wanted to show you how I made them so you can make other sizes.

Tulip Leggings Supplies


  1. Turn your leggings inside out, and trace around them leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance and an extra 1-1/4″ at the top for a waistband and an extra 1″ at the hem. Then add a little wing to the outside back leg and cut a wedge from the outside front leg. (Or download the 18-month and save yourself a lot of time.)Tulip-Leggings1
  2. Cut your fabric out–you’ll need two front and two back pieces.Tulip-Leggings2
  3. With right sides together (RST) sew the front and back pieces together at the crotch seam.Tulip-Leggings3
  4. With RST, sew the inside leg seam of your leggings.Tulip-Leggings4
  5. Open up the leggings and hem the leg openings. Then sew or serge the outer leg seams from the top all the way down, allowing the front piece to end before the back piece like below.Tulip-Leggings5
  6. Fold the “wing” over on top of the curve of the front piece, and sew along the hemline of the front piece. Sew ONLY the front hem and wing, not all the layers.Tulip-Leggings6
  7. Fold down 1/4″ at the waistband (or serge the top) and then fold down another 1″ to create the waistband casing. Sew the casing, leaving a 2″ gap to thread your elastic.Tulip-Leggings7
  8. Thread your elastic into the casing, sew the ends together, and then close up the casing.Tulip-Leggings8

The detail is subtle but cute. Since my little one is super skinny, these will last her a long time as she fills out.Get the free 18-month pattern for Tulip Leggings at Mabey She Made It

Unless she runs around non-stop. But at least they’re cute and comfy. And what about that top? I have a tutorial and pattern coming up for that one soon!

Get the free 18-month pattern for Tulip Leggings at Mabey She Made It

Don’t forget to Download your Tulip Leggings Pattern!

Get the free 18-month pattern for Tulip Leggings at Mabey She Made It
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    • Hi Shiela,

      If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, try switching over to the desktop view (in the upper menu) and then the link works. Or you can try it on a computer. If that still doesn’t work, just let me know and I’ll email it to you.

  1. I came across your site while looking for cute girls clothes and immediately subscribed. Anyway, I can’t download the leggings pattern. I’m on a desktop computer (I saw your response to Sheila on 3/4) so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Would you please email me the pattern. Thanks so much

  2. Love the leggings. Just downloaded the pattern. Do I need to add seam allowance. I have never made 18 months size. I am making them for my Grand Nieces. .

  3. They are so lovely but unfortunately unable to download the pattern.
    Do you mind email me both pattern legging & flutterby top? Thanks a lot!

  4. So frustrated – tried to download the Flutter y top pattern – tried my computer but link won’t work.
    Please email the pattern .

  5. hi, i found this lovely leggins and top just one hour ago… unforunately i can’t download patterns, in no way…
    Can you send me both them please in mail? I love them.. many thanks, resilina

  6. Bought the same fabric as you and quick question do I need a serger to sew the leggings or can they be sewn on regular machine.

  7. Hi, excited to try these out. Just a question – there is no straight grain marked on the pieces. How do we know where to place the pattern on the fabric? (I know – the stretch to be width not length but would still like a guide for straight) Thanks

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