Eleanor Dress/Top Pattern Review

I’ve been in such a sewing rut lately–I think I overdid it at Christmas time and have had a hard time dragging myself to the machine. So in order to get myself going again I wanted a simple pattern that went together quickly and wouldn’t be fussy. (I’ve also been hemming yards of chiffon, so that killed my sewing desire too.) The Eleanor Dress was the perfect choice.

After cutting, it went together in an hour, which is really fast since I’m not a fast sewer. And I was REALLY tired and I still got it together without trouble. I did choose to do one larger box pleat in the front rather than the smaller pleats on the sides and I altered the shape of the skirt but those were minor details.

Eleanor Dress/Top Pattern Review

The result is a fun play dress that Brynley loves. Just don’t tell her its replacing another play dress she loves but has destroyed.

Eleanor Dress Pattern


Pattern Details: Simple knit dress or top with either a banded or collar version. It also includes  2 sleeve lengths and the dress has a pleated skirt.

Pattern Name and Designer: The Eleanor Dress/Top from Shwin Designs

Price: $9.00

Size Range: 12-18 months to 8

Size I Made: 2 with a 5 length

What I Like: I like the simple design of this dress and that you can choose a dressier collar option that’s really cute.

What I Don’t Like: The skirt design is really slim and I wanted a fuller skirt. I think I’d scale the collar a little smaller for my personal taste.

Modifications: I changed the shape of the skirt to be a-line by just making it wider at the bottom. I also did one larger box pleat in the center instead of 3 smaller pleats along the front. Eleanor Dress/Top Pattern Review

Would I Sew It Again: Yes. Its quick and easy to sew and a great play dress (which my girls love to pieces)

Eleanor Dress/Top Pattern Review

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7 years ago

Beautiful dress! The pattern looks easy sewing. Thanks for sharing.