Christmas might be over, but winter is still here in full force! We’ve got huge piles of snow outside and cold weather in the forecast, so it’s definitely time to build a snowman. Just not out of snow because being cold just isn’t my thing.

I’m bringing home my fun sock snowman that I shared over at Made From Pinterest a few weeks ago, and these snowmen won’t even melt when the weather finally breaks.

All you need for these adorable sock snowmen are a couple of socks and embellishments! So simple and cute for winter.


So I had this favorite pair of socks that I loved. They were fabulous. I liked them so much I took them on vacation with us several years ago. Unfortunately, only one came home. I’m Lisa Mabey from Mabey She Made It, and apparently I have a sock saga to share with you.

But can I get rid of this lone sock? No. I’m not even a sentimental person, really. My practical side usually wins out, and I move on. But even though it was lost literally on the other side of the world (in South Africa), I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. Side note: I dont’ know why, but I’ve lost some of my favorite things in foreign countries…a mitten in Ireland, the other mitten in England, this sock, etc.

So if I can’t get rid of this sock, I decided to at least DO something with it. So here it is…a little snowman with a striped sweater that’s pretty darn cute. And now I don’t have to feel guilty about a lone sock in my drawer. I followed this tutorial for a Sock Snowman from Then She Made.

Sock Snowman | Mabey She Made It | #sockcrafts #snowman #winter

And within a few minutes and just a few things I already had around the house, I created to little snowmen that look super cute and would even make a fun kids craft–they’d just need a little help with the hot glue.

To make your own you’ll need to:

  1. Cut off the tube part of a tube sock and turn it inside out. Put a rubber band around the bottom, then flip it right side out and fill it up with rice or beans.
  2. Put another rubber band around the top of the sock and you’ve got your snowman body.
  3. Now take your cute sock, and cut the heel and toe out so you have 2 tubes. Now put the larger tube around his body and the smaller tube on his head. Amy used two ankle socks, but I only had one longer sock and it worked out great.
  4. Then just use twine to tie his middle sections (I made him have three sections while Amy did two), and glue on eyes, buttons, and decorations.
  5. For his nose (on one snowman), I colored a toothpick with a marker, and stuck it in!

Sock Snowman | Mabey She Made It | #sockcrafts #snowman #winter

Aren’t they adorable? I keep walking past them and smiling. Now if you liked my sock snowman, I hope you’ll come check out my blog (Mabey She Made It) for more fun projects like these:

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8 years ago

These are so adorable! I love snowmen.

Laura @ Over The Apple Tree

These are super cute and I love to decorate with snowmen! I might see if i can whip one of these up before the Christmas decorations go back into storage;-)

Linda Nelson
8 years ago

I absolutely love these little snowmen; their expressions are adorable. I must make one for myself before the winter is over.