Creating a Colorful Room Without Commitment | Mabey She Made It | #decorating #homedecor #yahoodiy

When we moved into our house, I was so excited for all the amazing things I was going to do to it. If you don’t remember, Mabey Manor was a foreclosed property sheathed in 70s wood paneling. The first thing we did was to strip the walls of the paneling in what would be my craft room and paint it white.

Heaven, right? Beautiful white walls to create within. Unfortunately, it’s stayed that way for much too long. So when I saw this #YahooDIY article on 10 Noncommittal Ways to Add Color to Your Home I was immediately intrigued. Not so much because I’m noncommittal, but because my space needs some color and I don’t want that color to come from paint. Instead, I want it to come from the supplies and content of the room.

Creating a Colorful Room Without Commitment | Mabey She Made It | #decorating #homedecor #yahoodiy

For instance, I have a lot of fabric in some beautiful colors and patterns. What better way to add color than to display it on mini bolts? For some of the other supplies, I used a few green bins and boxes to bring a sense of solidity and a color theme I could continue through the whole room.

Creating a Colorful Room Without Commitment | Mabey She Made It | #decorating #homedecor #yahoodiy

I used more green at my sewing desk, then created a paper banner to carry that color to another wall inexpensively. All these are simple ways to add color without committing. I could easily switch out the color without much of a cost or time commitment.

Creating a Colorful Room Without Commitment | Mabey She Made It | #decorating #homedecor #yahoodiy

Some of my favorite items from the article were the throw pillows (I LOVE pillows!), painted sticks, and the wide washi tape (how did I not know this wide decor width existed?). There are so many ways to add color, and I love these items and the way they got me thinking.

So what is your favorite way to add noncommittal color to a room?

Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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vidya sudarsan
8 years ago

Your craft room looks amazing! You have seamlessly blended the green color accessories with the rest of the decor. Very nice idea to add color to the room.

Betsy @ Happily Ever After Etc.

I love how you used the accessories as decor! Why do you need extra pretties in a room where the accessories themselves are pretty?

Ella | SparklesAndSuch26

I love this SO much. Pinned to my Dream Office board!

8 years ago

Lisa, your ideas are perfect for military families that move every 1-3 years. Pinning now.

Linda Nelson
8 years ago

Wonderful food for thought and especially appealing for folks who love to change out their home decor often. I have the same little green storage boxes; they’re great. You’re craft room looks inviting and well organized.