How to make a Tufted Floor Pillow. would also work as a dog bed.
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How to Make a Tufted Floor Pillow

Everyone needs a giant tufted floor pillow, right? There's nothing quite like seeing your kids play and read together. It makes me so happy to see them all crouched together around a game they've made up and realize that they're already best friends. So I wanted to make something that would facilitate this togetherness and… Continue reading How to Make a Tufted Floor Pillow

Gilding couldn't be easier, and this gilded boxwood wreath is amazingly simple and beautiful.
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Gilded Boxwood Wreath and Candle

Gilding is such a fun thing to try--its pretty magical because you simply paint a surface, and all the sudden its shiny and gold, and it looks amazing. And my gilded boxwood wreath and candle are no exception. Its easy enough that I almostĀ feel silly sharing this gilded boxwood project, except that I'm part of… Continue reading Gilded Boxwood Wreath and Candle