Have you ever had a space where you knew it needed something specific but you just couldn’t find what you were looking for? That’s exactly how this space came about with the watercolor canvas art.

I’ve wanted to incorporate kelly green and navy blue into my living room decor (which at that point included the aqua wall color and a cool aqua and navy rug). Since we just moved into our house and it’s still largely unfinished–hello DIY!–I really wanted to have one space that was totally decorated to rest my eyes on when everything else seems to be chaos.

When we started, the fireplace was a yellow brick–the same brick as the house’s exterior. And while it’s a fine color, I just wanted everything to be crisp and fresh and airy. So I started by priming and painting the brick white (I shared photos of the process on Instagram a few weeks ago).

If you haven’t ever painted brick, let me just tell you it’s not a fun task. But the results are so worth it. And once I had a white fireplace and hearth, I wanted to bring some color back in with pillows and artwork but couldn’t seem to find the right piece.

So when Canvas on the Cheap reached out to me, I knew a canvas was a great solution. I sat down with some watercolor paint and paper, and got started on something fun. I wanted the bright green to be the overarching color of the entire piece with some intense blue worked in. Add in some tiny aqua accent flowers and it was the perfect way to tie in the colors I was hoping for.

Since watercolors typically aren’t huge, and I wanted it to be larger than I painted it a canvas just made so much sense. After finishing my watercolor, I took a photo of the painting (scanning is probably an easier way to get your image digital, but I don’t own one) and uploaded it through the website. The people at Canvas on the Cheap were so easy to work with, and my canvas came both quickly and ready to hang–there’s already a picture hanging bracket on the back. They’re also really affordable, which is always a good thing when you’re starting from scratch and will need lots of artwork.

Add in a few colorful pillows (I may have had to dye the green pillow covers because I couldn’t find the right shade), and I love my little corner.

Now onto more corners and spaces done beautifully!


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