Banish the mom uniform! These 11 Top patterns that will help you ditch the t-shirt! A while ago I shared a new top and cardigan I’d made and talked about how I’m ready to banish the Mom Uniform. There’s something about wearing a t-sirt every day that makes you feel (comfortably) slouchy. And when I feel slouchy, I act the same way. And since we all want to feel better about ourselves, I knew I needed to put together a few top patterns that will help all of us create a look that fits our lifestyles and still allows us to be comfortable and stylish. So this collection is full of woven top patterns that are just as easy to wear as a t-shirt, but will help you feel put together while playing with kids or running errands.

To make it on this list the top patterns had to have these qualities:

  • Woven. I have lots of knits, but I’m wanting more woven tops that give a different appearance.
  • Sleeves. I don’t wear sleeveless and I don’t really want to dress in layers (it’s summer right now)–that takes away from the ease of dressing.
  • Layerable. In the fall, I’ll pull on a cardigan with these tops, so I wanted them to be things I CAN layer but don’t need to be layered.
  • Unique. I like it when designs are just a little beyond a simple scoop neck. If I could buy it at any store, I probably would and save the time.
  • Kid friendly. I still get all kinds of things wiped on me on a daily basis. If I’m not okay with it getting a little dirty, it’s not going on the list.

Sounds doable, right? We CAN look great and do it all at home!

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14 Comments on 11 Stunning Top Patterns to Replace a T-shirt

  1. Yep the hubs stated for me to get out of tshirts as well. So I went shopping and ended up coming back to my own patterns and making a few.
    Those tops are just adorable and I will pin them for later garment sewing.


  2. You already mentioned the Sugar Pop top, I can’t wait to sew that one. I have the Marigold top, which I also can’t wait to sew, mostly because I love the little collar. I think they make you look more dressed up. I love the Anna and the Lucy, those are way cute. One that I have been sewing lately is the easy tee from it’s always autumn. I have done the anthro drop version, with the knit on top and the woven on bottom. It looks fabulous, and it is so simple to wear! I have been loving the high/low option this summer to make it so I don’t have to layer to cover my backside.

    • Ooh, I forgot the Marigold! thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to go check out Autumn’s tee–mixing knit and woven is such a fun look.

  3. Oh this is brilliant! I’m loving the inspiration for updating my wardrobe. I haven’t made any of these and I’m usually a total tee-shirt girl but now I’m keen to try these and update my look!

  4. Boy am I sick of tee shirts too! I guess by the end of the summer I see that’s all we’ve been wearing. I love the Natalie and plan to give it a try. Thanks!

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