Print and punch out these Thankful Tree tags this year.I love the Thankful Tree idea, so much that I had to make my own. I love the idea of taking the time to actually write and display what you’re grateful for because I think it makes me a little more cognizant of the things I’ve been blessed (and continue to be blessed) with.

It also gives me the opportunity to share more with my little girls how many things we have and the importance of gratitude in our lives.

Thankful Tree Printables | Mabey She Made It | #thanksgiving #thankfultree #printable

With that in mind, I made some quick little Thankful Tree tags that would be fun to write those blessings on. I also wanted to share them with you as a free thankful tree printable!

Thankful Tree Printables | Mabey She Made It | #thanksgiving #thankfultree #printable

Download the Thankful Tree Printable Tags

I wanted it to be really easy for me (and you) to use, so each tag is designed to be punched with either a 1-1/4″ punch (for a closer crop) or a 1-3/8″ punch.

Thankful Tree Printables | Mabey She Made It | #thanksgiving #thankfultree #printable

Simply print out the file on white or ivory card stock, making sure your printer doesn’t try to resize anything. Then punch away!

After writing some things I’m grateful for, I clipped them to my little Thankful Tree with mini clothespins to keep it really simple.

Thankful Tree Printables | Mabey She Made It | #thanksgiving #thankfultree #printable

But if you didn’t have mini clothespins, you could easily tie them to the branches with a bit of string.


The girls had fun listing a few things they were grateful for and putting them up on the Thankful Tree as well. Brynley loves her cheese!


And when the lights go out, the gentle glow of the tree and the listed blessings help me be a little kinder and gentler.

Thankful Tree Printables | Mabey She Made It | #thanksgiving #thankfultree #printable

They help me be a little more generous and a little more humble. I already love it and will make Thankful Tree printable tags a regular tradition in our home during Thanksgiving and Christmas alike.

Thankful Tree Printables | Mabey She Made It | #thanksgiving #thankfultree #printable

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8 years ago

Lisa, I love this idea and these printables! It turned out so cute! I’m gonna have to do this! Thank you for sharing it. I just started cohosting a link party on Wednesday night called On Display Thursday if you’d like to link up!