There’s something really exciting about drywall. Before drywall, it’s hard to visualize how things will really feel and understand exactly how the spaces will be defined and look. Then drywall is hung and all the sudden you’ve gone from the bare bones of the house to something resembling the final.

House Update 3
We added drywall to round out the tops of the arched windows for a cleaner look.

Add drywall, and you’re nearing the end of the road. Of course there’s still a lot left to do, but from here on out everything is a very visual and satisfying thing.

House Update 3
It wouldn’t be an update without an arch shot. 😉

I realized that in my past couple of house updates, it was hard to visualize the changes we made to the layout of the master suite/bedroom/laundry room, so I recorded another video and talked through all the changes we made and some of the things we’re still planning on doing.

I won’t lie–the drywall process took twice as long as we’d planned on and was a huge headache getting the texturing done correctly. But it’s done now. We went with a holey (holy?) smooth finish on the walls and a brush ceiling. It looks really nice.

House Update 3
How the texture looks before paint. It’s really smooth except for small patches that don’t get the mud. And it looks a LOT better in person than in this photo.

So what do you think? Would you have expanded the master suite and given up another bedroom? If you want to go back and review the original layout, you can find it here:

House Tour (We Bought a House)

House Update 1: Demo and Plans

House Update 2: Starting to Rebuild

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