Are you loving all the Thanksgiving ideas? I have another one to add to your list to do. I actually shared this one last month over at Made From Pinterest, and now I get to share it here. I am also over there again today with a Christmas idea, so go check it out after you get done here.

Give Thanks Board | Mabey She Made It for Made From Pinterest | #thanksgiving #thanks #recipeboard #thankful #vinyl

It seems like so often these days I see great ideas and pin them, but never get around to coming back to them. I’m always creating, just finding inspiration through my supplies. So I’m so glad to be contributing at Made From Pinterest because it’s getting me excited about some of the ideas I had already forgotten about.

I think Thanksgiving is often forgotten, but it’s my favorite holiday of the year. I love so much about it, including the reminder to be grateful for all the things we enjoy. As my extended family grows and children are added, we’re gathering less at Christmas which makes Thanksgiving even more special to me. But we don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving-specific decor so I love this Give Thanks board from the lovely Angela at Handmade in the Heartland. She actually made a garland, pillow, and board (and the pillow is what drew me in), but the board is what I’ve chosen to make today.

I started with a recipe book holder and followed Angela’s instructions. First a stain (I used some awesome Minwax stain wipes for this part) then I added my vinyl which I cut using an electronic cutter. I finished it off with a rough coat of Americana Chalky Paint, and after drying and sanding, put on a wax sealer.

Give Thanks Board | Mabey She Made It for Made From Pinterest | #thanksgiving #thanks #recipeboard #thankful #vinyl

It was a really fun project to do, and I’m so glad I gave it a try. It will be perfect for holding the recipes I’ll use for our Thanksgiving feast, and will remind me to be grateful for the bounty we enjoy as a family.

Give Thanks Board | Mabey She Made It for Made From Pinterest | #thanksgiving #thanks #recipeboard #thankful #vinyl

I can see myself using this tutorial for other boards and signs in my home.

Now don’t forget to go check out these Christmas tree cones over at Made From Pinterest!

Christmas Cone Trees | Mabey She Made It for Made From Pinterest | #christmas #cone #christmasdecor #christmascrafts



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