Stamped Mason Jars

Stamped Mason Jars | Mabey She Made It | #masonjar #canningjar #stamping #paintedmasonjar

Mason jar crafts are so cute and fun. They’s simple to make, and they never seem to lose their appeal. But what I love most is that there doesn’t seem to be an end to what you can put in a mason jar or to how to decorate it.

As I was looking to decorate around my house, I made up a couple of these little cuties. One in gray…

Stamped Mason Jars | Mabey She Made It | #masonjar #canningjar #stamping #paintedmasonjar

and another in aqua (which you got a preview of in my Paper Plumeria post last week).

Learn to make these beautiful Paper Plumeria Tutorial | Mabey She Made It | #papercrafts #flowers #plumeria


So today I’m over at PinkWhen sharing how I made them and some tips for getting a great image. I hope you’ll hop on over and check it out!

8 responses to “Stamped Mason Jars”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    These are really cute, Lisa! I love the stamp that you used on the gray one. A simple, pretty project!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Thanks! I like that stamp image too.

  2. Marie Avatar

    These are so adorable, I love how they turned out! Great job! Thanks so much for linking up at the Creative Collection.

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Thank you, Marie. Thanks for a great party!

  3. MIchelle Avatar

    What a nice detail to add. Love the grey with the white stamp.

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Thank you~it really adds a little something extra to the jar.

  4. Stacy Risnemay Avatar

    Darling! And I love the gray!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Thanks, Stacy!

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