I wanted to share one of my favorite projects with you today–it’s a guest post I did last year over at Anderson + Grant (if you haven’t already checked it out, you need to. Seriously, Jamie is amazing!) And since it’s one of my favs, I had to repost it here so you could all have access to the tutorial. Since then, I’ve also heard from several of you clever readers that these are actually eucalyptus seed pods, not acorns…oops! I guess that explains the strong smell. So excuse the inaccurate name–I’m obviously not a botanist–but enjoy the project! 🙂

Gorgeous! Must make this Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecorAffiliate or Sponsored


Hello to all you Anderson + Grant readers! I’m Lisa Mabey and I blog at Mabey She Made It, a DIY crafting and sewing blog with lots of tutorials along the way. I’m so excited to be here with you –Jamie is fabulous, and I’m so glad she’s let me come share my metallic acorn wreath project with you today. Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor

I’m especially glad I get to share an autumn-inspired project, because I love fall decorating. I don’t decorate much for many holidays (like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines, etc.) but autumn holds a special place in my heart. I love the colors, the crisp air, the jacket weather, and the idea that fall showcases the beauty and splendor of aging. I typically like to add natural elements in my fall decorating because I think it lends authenticity and grace, and the Metallic Acorn wreath project I’m sharing today is no exception.

Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor

A couple of weeks ago my family was walking on a trail, and I noticed these fabulous acorns all over. I’d never seen anything like them, so my girls and I started gathering lots of them until the stroller basket was full. My husband kept teasing that I looked like a squirrel, but I promise I never put any in my cheeks!

I love the tops of these little acorns. They look like flowers, stars, or buttons depending on the one you look at. So I knew I wanted to showcase the tops. I thought I’d make an acorn-covered mason jar, but that was just a bad idea. It looked funny and hot glued acorns don’t stick well to glass–just in case you were thinking you’d try it. But once I determined to use a flat wooden frame, I knew it was going to look beautiful. Would you like to make your own acorn wreath?

Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor

You’ll Need:

(Here are the frame and spray paint I used, just so you can see them separately. The frame just needs a flat face since you won’t see it at all.)

Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor

Let’s get started!

  1. Starting on one corner, glue acorns to the frame using the hot glue. Try to let the acorns overlap the edge of the frame a little so you don’t have a lot of frame showing. It’s not going to be perfect, and that’s good.
  2. Alternate the direction of the acorns (upside-down next to right-side-up) to fill in all the space and pack them in tightly. This also gives everything some stablilty and allows you to show the different sides of the acorns. You can see the alternating pattern in the photo below.Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor
  3. Fill the entire frame, making sure to fill as many gaps as possible. Once you’re done, remove all the (inevitable) hot glue strings before spraying. I actually loved the rustic feel of the frame at this point, and I was tempted to call it good, but I wanted the color to be a little more consistent so that the shape of the top was the focal point.
  4. Spray several light coats of paint over the acorns making sure to paint any exposed frame, and let dry.Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor
  5. Tie ribbon around the frame, and hang it up!

I love how this turned out. Since it’s all one consistent color, the texture and shape of the acorns is the only focal point.

The contrast between the natural supplies and the chic finish makes me happy. It feels rich and expensive, but it only cost me the price of the spray paint (at 40% off). And against my black door, it stands out beautifully.

Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor

Thanks again, Jamie, for letting me visit! And, if anyone wants to see more fun projects and ideas, don’t hesitate to visit me at Mabey She Made It. See you there!

Metallic Acorn Wreath | Mabey She Made It | #wreath #autumn #acorn #homedecor


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Ashley @ 3 Little Greenwoods

So so cute! Makes me wish for fall!
~ Ashley

Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

I love this!!

8 years ago

This is one of my favorite projects that you’ve ever done and I’m so lucky that you shared it with me! I’m glad to see that you have it back up on your blog. Thanks for the nice compliment at the beginning of the post, too!

Megan Vaughn
8 years ago

Beautiful idea!

8 years ago

Acorn? Eucalyptus? Who cares what it is – it’s beautiful!!

rebecca lopez
8 years ago

So pretty, and it’s perfect for fall. It would even be great for Christmas. Thanks for linking this up to The Creative Collection Link Party.

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

So pretty. Kinda reminds me of jingle bells too 🙂

Dee @CupcakesandCrowbars

Oh Lisa this is ADORABLE! I’d love if you wanted to add this to our Awesome Things Tuesday linkup!

Cori George
8 years ago

Is it fall yet? PLEASE? I love this — makes me long to wear a scarf!

8 years ago

Oh I love this! It’s making me want to get crafty and make one… now if I could only find the acorns!

laura @eye candy creative studio

loving this & the colors you chose!

8 years ago

I love this so much! It’s the perfect fall wreath!

Karen Marie Kedzuch
8 years ago

I am going hunting near my lake house this weekend for acorns. These are amazing. We have the ones that look like a diamond pattern near us. I love the button look, as I have a room decorated with buttons from generations of family members.
Thanks for inspiring me today,
Karen Marie
Dragonfly & Lily Pads

Andrew Miller
6 years ago

I love the way it looks but if I was to do it will add a bit of colour to it.