I love a good refashion, and this is so easy. Make any sweater into a cardigan with this easy sewing tutorial.


Looking for a way to still wear that too-small sweater you love? Today’s sweater to cardigan refashion may be your answer!

I found this really cute sweater recently and snatched it up for super cheap. After washing it, however, I realized it was a bit shorter in the body and arms than I really liked and a little tighter across the chest. But since I really liked it I thought it was worth refashioning it from a sweater to cardigan.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

There are other tutorials out there, so Iโ€™m not claiming this is my own, but hereโ€™s how I did it.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion

First cut up the middle.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

(Itโ€™s scary, I know!)

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

Then I found some knit that matched the gray and used it like bias tape to bind the edge. First sew right sides together tucking in the top edge and folding the bottom of the strip around to the back to create a clean edge. You can hopefully see what I mean below.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

Then flip the strip over to the other side, tuck in the long raw edge, pin it, and sew through all the layers.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

Because you sewed your strip onto the back side at the bottom, there wonโ€™t be a gap and the bottom of the sweater will be completely encased in the binding giving it a really nice look.

Since I also had a too-short-sleeves problem, which can only be remedied by turning long-sleeved things into 3/4 sleeves, I cuffed the sleeve where the ribbing started and tacked it into place on the inside of both sleeves. I then finished it off with a couple of buttons on each cuff to make it look a little more finished.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

And now it fits perfectly and it’s one-of-a-kind.

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion | Mabey She Made It #refashion #cardigan

Do you have a sweater to cardigan candidate in your closet?

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Dee Williamson
Dee Williamson
8 years ago

Wow this is TOTALLY cute! Now I may be turning all of my sweaters into cardigans. Thanks for sharing!

Natasha In Oz
8 years ago

That is such a brilliant idea! It looks fabulous on you too.

My weekly say G’day linky party is happening right now and this post would be a perfect addition. Please pop on over and say g’day if you have a minute to spare!

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

8 years ago

Neat makeover–love it! I will have to try that sometime. Smiles…Bev

8 years ago

Oooo I do love a good refashion! Sometimes a garment is too lovely not to snap up even if it doesn’t fit very well – as you have proved here. I love the little details like the buttons, they really do finish it off nicely.

Tarnished Royalty
8 years ago

I love this! I’m not a seamstress but I think I could handle this. ~Ann

Miranda @ Someday Crafts

What a cute sweater! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday last week. This was the most viewed link from the party, so we’ll be featuring your sweater at tomorrow’s link party. Yay! Hope you’ll join us again this week!!

8 years ago

I have so many sweaters I need to do this to.

8 years ago

Great idea! I’ve been wanting a new cardigan. I guess I should start start shopping in my old sweater pile. Thanks for the tutorial! Pinning.

8 years ago

This is amazing! I can’t wait to try it for myself! Great tutorial!


Refashion Tutorials
7 years ago

I know this idea isn’t original but I’m so glad you posted pics of your project. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what a finished project will look like and this one looks fabulous.