Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.It’s getting serious over here. A few months ago I started a crusade to update my wardrobe and make it a little more classy since baggy jeans/cutoffs, t-shirts, and flip flops were pretty much all I wore.

I went through and thought about things that made me default to a t-shirt and the decided to create pieces that fit my lifestyle AND how I would ideally dress. I started with this cute top and cardigan, then kept on working on coming up with patterns that would fit the bill. And you’ll remember my most recent Ravenna Top. Then Lauren from Baste + Gather put together this tour of momiform MAKEovers, and it was exactly what I was doing so I had to join in.

 No more mom uniform! The Sugar Pop Top and Julia Cardigan help you look pulled together even when you're running errands. Banish the mom uniform! These 11 Top patterns that will help you ditch the t-shirt!Ravenna Top for Remix the Stitch

Over the last month I’ve taken sewing for myself seriously and I’ve added several more pieces that really have made a difference. And while I’m sharing them all together today, there’s way too much to talk about in one post, so I’ll be giving more detail on these patterns in the coming days (affiliate links included).

Let’s start off with the Everyday Elegance Top from Patterns for Pirates. It’s loose, flowy, and cute belted. I tried it with both the Colette Juniper pants (which I altered a TON so they don’t look like the pattern anymore) and with a pair of fitted jeans I already had for two different looks. I made it from a navy scaly silky print from Jo-Ann Fabric. The shorts were made from a kelly green essex linen from Michael Levine.

Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

The jeans are transformed when I pair them with the top, cardigan, and fun colorful shoes.

Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

Next is the Natalie Top from Liola Designs (provided by Go To Patterns). This one is also looser, which is good when you need to be able to move freely with kids. I made the Natalie in a dreamy Nest Berries cotton voile and it’s been perfect for warm days and will also layer really well. I made some alterations, but I’ll share those in another post.

Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

Then I made the Jacole Skinny Pants. Confession–these are the first skinny pants I’ve ever made or worn and I really only made them to wear with boots. But I kinda like them with heels. They were super fast to make too, so I’ll be sharing another version soon.

Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

(Never you mind my facial expression–my elderly neighbor decided to take a seat across the street and watch me take photos, and I was clearly watching him watching me.)

I also found this McCalls 7199 pattern for a cowl neck asymmetrical jacket that I just had to have.  I made it from this Charcoal Ponte de Roma, and it’s so snuggly to wear and I love the details all throughout the jacket. I pull it on all the time in the mornings when its still chilly and can’t wait to wear it all day. I already have another one of these planned–its perfect for my lifestyle.

Tired of your frumpy mom look? Its time for a #momiformMAKEover. Check out these fun patterns and ideas for transforming your look.

So what do you think? That was a lot of sewing for one post, but I love that each morning when I get dressed I look a little more put together which makes me feel better.

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  1. I have that same navy scale fabric, only I hated how dark the navy is compared to the white so I used the wrong side. And I totally wear mine with some capris that are Kelly green color!
    I have a Sew Much Ado pattern, the Seafarer top that I love. But I have looked at the Winter Wear Designs Jeans more than once trying to decide if I am brave enough to sew me some jeans!

    • I hadn’t thought to use the back. Since I have some left over, perhaps I’ll try it that way for one of the girls. I haven’t done jeans yet, but I love Winter Wear Designs patterns, and would trust her completely with guiding me through the first time. Good luck!

  2. I love how you have shared lots of garments together:) We get to see how it all works together. I could do with transforming my wardrobe, but get out off by how I end up in thick woolly jumpers all winter!!

    • Thank you Vicky. Originally the shorts were going to be aqua pants, but that project got derailed. The aqua will just happen a little later, and they would have tied everything together even more, but oh well!

  3. You’re a machine!!! I love them all. I’ve had two of my self-made tops die because of a dear husband trying to help with the laundry, so I hope yours fare better than mine ;)

      • Ha, one WAS my cute Sugar Pop top- it got totally mangled in a load of towels (!) and the collar was frayed to oblivion. I cried, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! The other was a hi-low top, it shrunk really badly, even with two pre-washes. SO: hand wash or gentle cycle only for delicious, buttery fabrics!

  4. Such cute outfits! You are an amazing seamstress!

    That Janome machine looks wonderful but I could never afford one. The automatic thread tension control system sounds fantastic. The tension is something that has frequently given me problems on other machines. I also like the feature of those six LED lights. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  5. And now for the second Rafflecopter … I loved the patterns from the Mouse House. The Norah dress and tunic pattern is so sweet, and I would also love to try the Julia women’s cardigan.

  6. Okay my oldest daughter read this blog and made sure I read it (even tho I subscribe to you !LOL). She absolutely hates my jeans & tshirt style, and is always trying to get me to wear dresses, dressy shirts etc. BUT daughter dear I work outside in the garden, around my roses (I have 15 of them), and I help with the lawn mowing, fire wood cutting: so that would just ruin a dress or a dressy shirt Well that didn’t go over very well, its the truth and I am sticking to my tshirts and jeans around the house .. Now to go shopping for some clothes to dressy me up !! LOL
    You look mahvelous Dahling (in the words of Billy Crystal).

  7. I am totally in the same position you were in – shorts, tees and flip flop uniform. But it’s time for a change … mostly because winter is coming! I love all of the items you have made. The Janome Skyline S5 looks amazing! I would love to sew with it! I imagine it would be a lot of fun trying out all of the stitch options!

  8. The Everyday Elegance top looks great! I think I would need to include that and the raglan from P4P in my mumiform makeover. I really want to give the Hudson pants a go too.

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