I’m so excited to be part of the Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers pattern tour! Welcome to all of you visiting for the first time–I hope you feel inspired to look around a little after you see what I’ve done with Chelsea’s pattern.

Shortie Capri Pajamas | Mabey She Made It #capri #pajamas #kidsclothesweek #shortienightgown

I previously made up the shorties for Brynley as the pattern is, and they’re darling!

Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers sewn by Mabey She Made It | #pajamas #kidsclothes

It was such a fun pattern to sew up, that when Chelsea asked if I’d be part of her pattern tour I didn’t hesitate to jump on board.

For my second time around, Saige was the recipient (her pajamas are getting too short again) and I was excited to try a few little twists to the pattern–a Shortie Capri!

Make a Shortie Capri

First up, instead of cotton, I used knit. I love how soft knit is for pjs, so I wanted Saige to be comfy as well. I went with a super soft plum interlock (leftover from this dress) combined with a sweet baby rib knit from Girl Charlee. Even though I sized down a size to account for the stretch, I think I’d go down another size still since it’s a bit big on her still. But that’s a bit of a blessing too, since she’s growing so fast!

Shortie Capri Pajamas | Mabey She Made It #capri #pajamas #kidsclothesweek #shortienightgown


The second adjustment I made was turning the top around, adding a button, and calling the front the back. 🙂 I just like it this way.

Shortie Capri Pajamas | Mabey She Made It #capri #pajamas #kidsclothesweek #shortienightgown

And the third change was turning the shorties into capris. I just extended the leg straight down to the length I wanted, and you get a nice wide pant leg that’s super comfy. But I didn’t want them to be plain capris. In keeping with the idea of the Shortie, I created the casing as indicated in the pattern, but instead of running the elastic all the way around the leg, I just added a little elastic on the outside of the legs for interest and to pull the pant leg in just a bit. A button detail finished them off just for fun.

Shortie Capri Pajamas | Mabey She Made It #capri #pajamas #kidsclothesweek #shortienightgown

And the little miss thinks her Shortie Capris are pretty snuggly. Just right for hanging around with Teddy too.

Shortie Capri Pajamas | Mabey She Made It #capri #pajamas #kidsclothesweek #shortienightgown

If you like this pattern, Chelsea is offering a 20% discount on the Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers pattern right now, which is available in her Etsy Shop. Just use code: SHORTIE20

It’s day 4 of the tour, so there are lots of Shorties to be seen! Click on any of the names below to see what these other bloggers have done with the Shortie Nightgown & Bloomers pattern. If you don’t see it yet, they might still be coming up so check back!

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LOVE THESE! What a great idea. That would make them great for year round. Thanks for being on the tour!!


Love these as capris! Especially the elastic at the sides only. Really smart decision.

Ashley @ 3 Little Greenwoods

Oooo! I want a pair too! I love how soft they look!

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity on at our Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Hope to see more of your projects again on Saturday morning!

~ Ashley