Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes

I was thrilled to be chosen as a pattern tester for the Savannah Pleated Party Dress by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop recently. You’ve heard me rave about Amy’s patterns before, but they really are fabulous. And the Savannah dress is no exception. Only I’d really call it exceptional. This dress is deceptively simple at first glance, but I love how the pleated detail of the bodice comes shining through–there’s nothing to detract from the perfectly placed pleats. And since it came out yesterday, it’s brand new! Easter is around the corner, and Easter dresses are a must for many families. The Savannah would be fabulous.

Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes

It’s a fully-lined dress (even the sleeves are lined) so when you’re finished you have this fabulously constructed garment that really stands out. The button placket in the back lets you get in and out easily and can be another area for subtle detail to pop.

Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes

I used a red chambray because I love the weight and style of chambray. I also wanted something subdued without a lot of pattern or print so that the pleats would be the star of the dress. I really think I succeeded in that aspect. I’d also love to do one of these dresses in some taffeta or a more fancy fabric with an overlay. I think they’d all look different and stunning in their own way.

Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes

I also added a row of piping at the waist–something my mom tells me was a signature look on the dresses my grandma made that I could never get enough of–for just a little definition and to add a visual break before the full skirt. The pattern calls for a ribbon sash, but I didn’t see that until I’d already basted the piping on–and then I really liked it so it stayed.

The second Saige put it on she loved it. She wouldn’t stop twirling and dancing. And when she did stop, it was only to admire the flower, check out the details, and pick up her skirt like a princess. You can see all the dainty hand positions and pinkies up (so cute!).Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes

Once she sat down, she was arranging the skirt around her–I’m not kidding when I say she did all these poses on her own. They were seriously the easiest photos I’ve taken in a long time because she was so naturally and deeply pleased with the dress. She didn’t want to take it off either (for days).

Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes


Another aspect of the dress I love is the fully-lined skirt (which is optional). It added a little bit of fullness to the skirt which has been a big hit. It’s also nice to have another layer for these cold Idaho winters. I’ve been wanting a warmer dress for Saige, since most of hers are summery shifts.This totally fit the bill.

Savannah Pleated Party Dress Review | Mabey She Made It #peekaboopattern #sewing #kidsclothes


It wasn’t a quick sew for me, but I think the effort was totally worth it. The Savannah Pleated Party Dress is awesome.

If you haven’t checked out the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop yet, you really need to. You can also see some of the other PAB patterns I’ve made and loved here:

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8 years ago

Aaaww! How sweet! This dress is so sweet and pretty. Love the piping and flower detail. Isn’t it great when little girls twirl? My favorite photo of my daughter is one of her twirling, and her dress is fluffed out, hair flowing outward, arms out! Beautiful job on this dress, you are quite talented! Catherine

8 years ago

This dress is darling! And the model is pretty adorable too! Thanks so much for linking up at the Sunday Soiree!

8 years ago

Lovely!! I love the flower and the piping accent.