Avery Top Pattern Review

Avery Top by See Kate Sew | Mabey She Made It | #minime #sewing #sewingforkids #avery

A month or two ago, Kate from See Kate Sew released her Garden Party collection for women. It’s full of whimsical, beautiful silhouettes and I was admiring them from afar because of my pregnant belly. Of all the patterns in that collection, I especially loved the Callie Top. SO cute. So when Kate needed testers for the mini me versions of the Garden Party patterns, I was lucky enough to test the mini Callie–the Avery top.

Avery Top by See Kate Sew | Mabey She Made It | #minime #sewing #sewingforkids #avery

And where the Callie top is super sweet, the smaller Avery is perfection. Seriously. Look at those ruffles!

Avery Top by See Kate Sew | Mabey She Made It | #minime #sewing #sewingforkids #avery

And the row of buttons down the back just tops it all off for me. And let’s cheer for the fact that when I put the girls in this shirt, they can’t change when I’m not looking because of the back buttons (do your girls change 5 times a day? I swear it’s payback from all the times I changed clothes as a kid). I went with some orange contrasting buttons because I liked how they jumped out against the fabric giving the back something special.

Avery Top by See Kate Sew | Mabey She Made It | #minime #sewing #sewingforkids #avery

While there wasn’t anything hard about the pattern, it wasn’t really a quick sew because of all the ruffling (does gathering take everyone else as much time as it takes me? I swear I’m slow). But oh, it’s worth it.

I used a rayon for this top, and I like that it’s lightweight enough to move and hang well. There are rows of ruffles above the ruffled sleeve and cute gathers where the bodice meets the skirt piece. The only problem is that it’s hard to see all the cute details because of the circular pattern–in person it’s to die for cute.

I love how feminine it is. It’s super cute paired with a skirt–a must around our house–and with jeans. You know, when I can get my girls in pants.Avery Top by See Kate Sew | Mabey She Made It | #minime #sewing #sewingforkids #avery

So now I think Brynley needs one too. Right after I get some more sewing time–which will come after sleep (ha!).

Really though, I definitely recommend this pattern–I’m sure it will come into regular rotation in my sewing arsenal!

10 responses to “Avery Top Pattern Review”

  1. Randi Sowders Avatar

    Holy crap this is adorable!!!!!!!!!

    I know my Lucy would just adore it!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Who’s Lucy? 😉 Thanks, Randi!

  2. Mrs Major Hoff (Sara) Avatar

    Love this! Thanks for the review. On my list of things to buy now!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      I just need more time to make another. I really love this pattern.

  3. Tracey@LetsGoJunking Avatar

    This top is just way to cute. I wish I had a little girl I could make this for. Love it!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      There’s always the women’s version… 🙂

  4. Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade Avatar

    This is SO cute! I want to make one for myself in my size!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Heidi, she has a pattern for women! It’s the Callie top, and it’s super cute.

  5. Jillene@inkhappi Avatar

    Adorable! The girl, the shirt, the headband, and… THOSE BUTTONS! I love colorful buttons like that down the back. Darling shirt, would make a cute dress too!

    1. Lisa Avatar

      Thank you, Jillene. I loved the contrast they gave.

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